Your Workflow, Your Way.

Whether it’s SD, HD, 2K, UHDTV-1 or full 4K,; multi-channel, multi-codec Cinedeck recorder / players provide all the flexibility you need. Working a single-camera shoot or multi-cam live event, creating or changing master deliverable files, managing telecine transfers, archiving and content migration – just about any production or post-production application, Cinedecks deliver unrivaled speed and versatility.


The ZX is a versatile, modular approach to a production recording and playback server that lets you choose from an unrivaled selection of Cinedeck advanced software tool sets and powerful hardware configurations. Now you can cost-effectively custom-build a workflow workhorse that meets your specific ingest, playback and transcoding needs for 4K, UHDTV-1, 2K, HD and SD.

Cinedeck Compatibility

All current Cinedeck models run the same easy-to-use interface and are built around the same video hardware. They are interchangeable, supporting the same workflows for a wide range of production and post production tasks. All Cinedeck models offer simultaneous recording of all your master and proxy deliverables to get you to post faster. Local disks, SAN, NAS, etc., your files can be recorded directly to the storage you need to work from. Additionally, redundant recording gives you peace of mind by writing secondary independent files to an additional record destination of your choosing.

Cinedeck Supported Codecs

All Cinedeck recorders and cineXtools support an unmatched selection of codecs and wrappers.
Depending on platform, some codec selection and wrappers may not be available.
For more information about supported codecs, view the Model Comparison Page.



Cinedeck RX2 is perfect for environments where space and weight is at a premium, and when cooling and power draw are of utmost importance. All the connections are designed with protection and accessibility in mind. Like it’s predecessor, the RX2 provides a full-featured UI in a conveniently small package.


Deliver multiple high-quality H.264s with an all in one plug and play device. For the many production team members that need to ‘walk away with the show in their pocket’, HX1 creates H.264 show files and line‑cuts ‘on‑site. HX1 records up to four HD or SD sources at a broad range of quality levels from full HD on down and can connect up to ten USB3 thumb‑drives. Importantly, HX1 incorporates the same easy-to-use interface as other Cinedeck hardware platforms, allowing for easy setup and operation.