Distributors and Resellers

If you’d like to become a Cinedeck Reseller, please contact us

Regions: USA, Canada

Regions: UK, Europe

For information about Cinedeck, or if you’d like pricing: 

Email: jon.phillips@cinedeck.com

Phone: +44(0)7585 611227

Regions: Latin America, South America

Website: https://avbb.net/

Email: sales@avbb.net

Phone: +1 (214) 935-9800

Line Card: https://avbb.net/products

Regions: Japan

Website: http://www.newx.co.jp/

Email: kurita@newx.co.jp

Video Division Direct: +81 03-3261-4411

Line Card: http://www.newx.co.jp/products/

Country: South Korea

Website: http://www.mv-tech.co.kr/

Email: bluedawn0130@gmail.com 

Phone: +82 02.862.0996

Line Card: http://www.mv-tech.co.kr/?page_id=467


Country: South Africa

Website: http://zimele.com/

Email: sales01@zimele.com

Phone: +27 11 026 8458

Line Card: http://zimele.com/product-range/

Country: INDIA

Company Name: Ravenic Techmedia Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 97699 26267