Media Workflow Automation

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ConneX is a flexible and scalable media processing platform that makes it easy to connect powerful, automated workflows with our award-winning capture, conform, and media processing technologies. 

ConneX makes it easy to modify content on the fly getting you from record to delivery faster and easier without having to write code or invest in expensive software.

ConneX is made up of the following core services: 

  • Insert Edit – Video/Audio; Audio Wav Extraction; Metadata Edits
  • Timecode Restripe, Captions – Conversions and Extract Analog
  • Move or Copy within database or to S3
  • Trim, Rewrap and Transcode

Extending Workflows with Partners

Restore and Repair Media
Automated File QC
Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

Experience the evolution of media workflow with ConneX. We’re expanding our capabilities, integrating more partners to provide comprehensive services such as file restoration, automated QC, storage, and file acceleration. This is in addition to our established features such as insert edit for video and audio, audio WAV extraction, metadata edits, timecode restriping, caption conversions and extracts, and efficient file trims and transcodes. Whether you’re working within a database or moving to S3, ConneX is your key to a seamless, efficient media production process.

ConneX and Cinedeck Ingest: A Total Workflow Solution


Cinedeck Ingest and ConneX create a seamless process from production to post-production, eliminating time-consuming transfers or conversions, thereby ensuring a smooth, efficient workflow.


ConneX is designed to integrate smoothly with technology from various partners, creating a comprehensive and cohesive video workflow. This means they can work seamlessly with different software and hardware systems involved in the video production process, from initial recording to final post-production edits.


From capturing high-quality footage, seamlessly transcoding it into various formats, to efficient content delivery, every step is expedited, ensuring a smoother workflow, and quicker time-to-market.