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What is ConneX Hub?
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ConneX Hub is an advanced integrated delivery platform developed by Cinedeck in collaboration with Paramount and leveraging Adobe’s It is designed to streamline content creation, production, and delivery workflows for media and entertainment professionals.

By combining the strengths of Cinedeck’s ConneX and Adobe, ConneX Hub offers a robust solution for efficient, cloud-based content management and delivery.


Seamless Integration

ConneX Hub integrates with Adobe to allow content creators to make precise production and formatting fixes directly to cloud-hosted master files.

Selective Uploads

Users can upload only the necessary changes to, review them, and insert them into existing master files without the need to redeliver the entire content.

Enhanced Efficiency

This integration reduces production delays and costs associated with traditional mastering sessions, ensuring a faster and more efficient workflow.

Collaborative Platform: Production and operations teams can collaborate effectively by addressing quality control (QC) notes within the content supply chain, enhancing overall content quality and delivery speed.

Case Study

Addressing Content Delivery Challenges

Redelivery of long-form content is a common issue that affects production schedules and resource allocation. When master files need corrections, delays in the content supply chain and quality control (QC) processes create inefficiencies and additional costs. To address this, organizations need a way to quickly fix content stored in the cloud without resorting to costly mastering sessions.

Seamless Integration for Efficient Fixes

The integration between Adobe and Cinedeck ConneX creates a collaborative platform where production and operations teams can address QC notes in the content supply chain. This approach enables teams to upload only the necessary changes to, review them, and directly insert them into existing cloud-based master files. This integration provides a powerful production-focused feature, reducing the need for additional mastering or complex backend conversions to work with existing workflows.

Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

Streamlined Workflows and Cost Savings for Content Creators

  • Reduced Supply Chain Delays: The ability to fix content in the cloud streamlines QC processes and reduces delays.
  • Lower Production Costs: Minimizing rework and avoiding costly mastering sessions lead to cost savings.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: A shared platform for production and operations to address QC notes efficiently.
  • Adobe Adoption: Advanced delivery functions encourage continued use of, adding value for enterprise and individual users alike.

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