Technology Partners

Storage / Asset Management

Cinedecks can write directly to EditShare’s storage on prem or in the cloud. Then, use Flow to log your assets while recording to ensure your most efficient production to post workflows.

Cloud NAS – Collaboration tool

As remote workflows become the norm, we need tools to collaborate with less friction. The partnership between cineXtools and LucidLink does just that for remote review and editing. 

Live Logging and Search Tool

Live log Cinedeck created media with easy browser based search, drag and drop to Avid and Adobe timelines for an integrated ingest and logging workflow. 

Asset Management

Organize and log assets created on Cinedeck with


Cinedeck support Edit While Capture with Adobe Premiere and also has cineXplugins to insert edit from your timeline to your flat, exported file.

NLE / Storage

All Cinedeck Ingest products can encode Avid native media, support Interplay check-in and can write to directly to Avid Nexis storage. Additionally, cineXplugins can insert edit directly from timeline to file.