cineXtools and LucidLink​

Instant update and review with cineXtools and LucidLink

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As remote workflows become the norm, we need tools to collaborate with less friction. The partnership between cineXtools and LucidLink does just that for remote review and editing.

When files are stored on LucidLink, only the parts of the file that change are uploaded to an S3 bucket. And, when you insert edit with cineXtools only the change to the file is made, whether it’s video, audio, captions, metadata, etc… 

Combining the two technologies means that you can insert edit to a file that’s on the LucidLink drive and be able to see the update to the file you inserted to nearly instantly – no matter where you are.

The best part about the technology is there’s zero learning curve or setup. First, upload your file to LucidLink. When you want to correct something in your file use cineXtools to make the change by opening the previously uploaded file and performing an insert-edit. cineXtools will see the file as a regular file on your network, although the file is actually in an S3 bucket on Lucidlink’s platform. Once the insert edit is complete, your client, collaborator, or QC person will be able to instantly see the change to the newly updated file on any media player.

About LucidLink

With cloud services and object storage growing exponentially, it became clear to the founders that applying old technology to a new paradigm was broken, and to truly benefit from cloud object storage, a new system had to be built from scratch.

LucidLink transforms the cloud into local storage. Our system allows users to stream data directly from the cloud, eliminating the need to download or synchronize. LucidLink is a file system specifically built for modern cloud-computing environments.

With LucidLink, any application, process, or workflow can benefit from low costs and elastic storage. LucidLink is at the forefront in the evolution of cloud services and storage, headquartered in San Mateo, CA. (contact)