About Cinedeck


Cinedeck multi-channel recorders make multi-cam productions faster and smoother. We continue to design features with workflow flexibility in mind.

Our recorders support a wide variety or codecs, wrappers, formats, and resolutions. Control all the settings right from the display of the recorder or with our Multi-Channel Control app. Record your media directly to your networked storage or to a standard 2.5" SSD. 

From JPEG2000 archive formats to XAVC, ProRes and DNxHR 4K Multicam, Cinedeck recorders cover a wide range of ever-evolving workflows.

We want you to be able to work on any project - no matter the size or scale. We want the sky to be your limit, not your video recorder. Learn more about Cinedeck here.

About cinextools


Get ready for a brand new editing experience with cineXtools, designed to save you hours of work and speed you through your file creations.

CineXtools allows you to edit new video, audio, and captions without re-exporting. Yes, that's right. You don't have to re-QC or re-render the same project again, but focus only on the changes you need to make.

Change only the piece you want changed while everything else about the video file remains the same.

cineXtools consists of several modules each with its unique functions. You can read more on all its features here.

cineXtools is also offered as plugins for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere and an API for batch workflows.

Our Values


We highly value outside-of-the-box thinking. It allows approaching things from a different perspective and defying the status quo. It’s paramount for innovation and especially important in our rapidly evolving industry.


Cinedeck aims to create efficiencies wherever possible – both in how we work and the products we develop. We are a responsive, dynamic, and agile software development company and we design our products to be the same way.


It’s important to us to be unafraid of change and to be willing to go against the grain. It allows us to think independently, come up with new ideas, and embrace new possibilities.

Our Story

Cinedeck’s roots date back to 2009. It was founded in New York City by a group of cinematographers. With plenty of experience in video production, they were dissatisfied with the hardware available. They wanted the simplicity of a tape recorder with varied digital capabilities.

As a result, they designed an innovative multi-channel recorder unit for video production. It offers on-set monitoring, playback, and quality control. The recorder supports multiple codecs, format, resolution, and audio channels. It also unifies filming and production workflows- all in a single device.

The recorders were well-received by the industry. The team released several models, each with its unique specifics.

Then, they decided to move further… To revolutionize the video editing industry as well.

Post-production is a tedious and time-consuming process. Especially, if you notice an error in a show that’s already exported and QCed. Fixing even tiny mistakes, such as a misspelled title, requires re-exporting and re-QCing, often more than once. That costs companies a lot of time and resources.

In 2016, Cinedeck released cineXtools, their first standalone software application. cineXinsert, its main feature, allows file-to-file insert edit. It works much in the same way as editing on film.

Yet, the challenge was to persuade the industry that insert-edit was even possible. Because industry professionals had grown familiar with workflows they’d been using for years.

Despite the resistance, Cinedeck has proven that it’s not only possible—but very efficient.

An example of a successful project is helping Sky TV rebrand 400 assets.

A traditional transcode workflow would have taken them 600 man-hours to re-render and re-QC. That’s over a month of saved man-hours! CineXtools managed to cut the time almost 40 times. So, they spent only 16 man-hours with our video editing software instead.

Other clients include BBC, Showtime, Envy Post, Cartoon Network and more.

Cinedeck’s also developed CineX API and CineX plugins. They continue working on offering clients an even wider array of options.

Our Leadership