Insert Edit with your favorite NLE

Add Insert Edit to the editing tools your already know.

Insert-edit video, audio and closed captions using Media Encoder for Premiere

or, Insert Edit video, audio and closed captions using Avid’s AMA Export tool.

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Simple and Easy to Insert Edit

Export your entire file again, even if the change is 5 seconds

Check the entire file again for a bad pixel or export error.

Stress out and hope there’s nothing wrong with your video! And go through another re-export and re-QC if you have another change to make.

Use cineXplugins to insert just the change you want to make.

Check only the portion of the file you changed.

Now you have time to play the guitar, or whatever you want to do with your free time, because cineXplugins has your back for those pesky last minute video fixes!

We’ve teamed up with various NLEs so that you can export an insert-ready Padded ProRes file straight from your preferred video editing software. 

Which NLEs support exporting an insert-ready ProRes file?

  1. Avid Media Composer – Plugin through Cinedeck
  2. Adobe Premiere – Plugin through Cinedeck
  3. Autodesk Flame and Smoke – available in the 2018 release
  4. DaVinci Resolve – v.14 and greater
  5. FilmLight Baselight v.5 
The basic plugin that lets you export a padded ProRes file is free. Being able to insert-edit to a ProRes file requires a paid subscription for cineXplugins. Find out more about ProRes PAD workflow here

Plugins Pricing

per codec
$ 39 per month
  • Choose only the plugins that you need
  • ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD &HR, AVC-I, XAVC, Closed Captions Module
No contract

Technical Specifications

Supported Codecs

ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR, XDCAM50, XDCAM35, AVC-I, XAVC, JPEG2000, H.264

  • JPEG2000 and XDCAM.35 supported for audio insert and cut/rewrap insert
  • H.264 for supported cineXtools profiles only. Releasing for NAB 2020

SD, HD, 2K, UHD, 4K, 8K and beyond. Resolution support is entirely dependent on your NLE and codec choice.


cineXplugins is entirely dependent on your NLE and the project settings of your timeline.

Supported NLEs

Adobe Premiere: CC2017 and newer

Avid Media Composer: 7.XX and newer

Licensing Options

Single and multiple licenses without hardware USB key.

Floating licenses available for 5 or more cineXplugins licenses. A separate iLok License Server is required for floating licenses. 


Getting Started

Pat Horridge from VET Training has created a thorough step by step guide here.

Although the guide is for using the plugin for AS11 file deliveries, the guide itself can be generalized for any file delivery.

View how to fix here: Knowledge Base

Here are the issues that might come up:

  1. I’ve installed the plugin but when I go to the file export, the cinedeck export and cinedeck insert plugins are missing.

  2. I’ve installed the plugin, but after a restart when I go to the file export, the cinedeck export and cinedeck insert plugins return an “Cannot create a suitable container writer” error.

Create a free iLok account by going to the ilok website here:!registration

The User Name you have used to create the ilok account is what needs to be provided to Cinedeck for a license to be deposited to your account.

iLok license manager is a free downloadable application used to manage iLok licenses. Once you receive a license in your iLok account, you can use:

– License Manager to activate the license on your machine or on an iLok USB license key.

– License Manager can also be used to transfer licenses between Machines and iLok USB keys.

– License Manager is needed for annual prepaid license plans, to install some trial licenses and if you want to manually transfer licenses between various devices.

Avid has a good iLok License Manager “How To” video:

Note: The narrator mentions that licenses cannot be moved to a computer. That was specific to the Avid licenses. cineXtools licenses can be moved to a computer or iLok USB key.

The iLok license key is a USB smart device that holds software licenses. A single iLok can store hundreds of licenses from multiple software publishers and multiple iLoks can be connected to a computer to authorize software products.

To use an iLok USB key with cineXtools, it must be 2nd Generation or newer.

No, you no longer need an iLok USB dongle. Starting in 2017, machine-based licenses became the default way to authorize the cineXtools application.

So the licenses are in fact still iLok but iLok licenses can be installed in a specific individual computer or they can be installed in a portable iLok USB license key. Both types of installations can be transferred from one machine or device to another by deactivating the first and then activating the second. For the moment, that process requires the use of the iLok License Manager application.

General Questions

ProRes is a very common codec used to encode video file. Each frame gets compressed using a different amount of data and results in every frame being a slightly different size.

To do video inserts into a target file, each frame needs to be big enough for a maximum potential data overwrite.

The rewrap is a padding process and has no effect on the video essence and is very fast, much like a file copy.

Go here to learn more about the rewrap process.

Yes, cineXplugins is available for both Mac and PC.

Both versions support the same features. Generally, you can use any Mac running OS X 10.9 (AKA Mavericks) or newer. You can also use any Windows system running Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) Service Pack 1 or newer.

No, there are no functional differences between the Mac and PC versions. Both versions support ProRes, as well.

ProRes Export Plugins are software components that make delivering ProRes files simpler. We partnered with various non-linear video editing software providers to develop them.

As a result, you can export an ‘insertable’ Padded ProRes file straight from the NLE of your choice. Forget about ProRes master file preparation delays.  You can apply audio, video, and closed caption insert-edits to your files immediately.

Learn more about and request the free plugins here.

Most Broadcasters, Studios, and similar will accept Padded Prores files. And cineXtools now pads all ProRes files with variable padding so that the each frame is padded just enough.

Yet, even when your customer will not accept Padded ProRes, it is still a valuable tool. We recommend that you create a Padded ProRes mezzanine file immediately after you complete a show. You can use it later to create different slate versions and, of course, for any fixes. You won’t waste time doing full re-export and QC sessions.

If required, you can always rewrap a Padded ProRes to a Standard ProRes for final delivery.

We are working to assure that all companies accept Padded ProRes and make Padded ProRes available as an export option. And we are collaborating with some of the non-linear editor manufacturers to do so.

We now have a free batch rewrap tool that lets you process Standard ProRes to Padded ProRes rewraps, and vice-versa. Find out more about that here.

The ProRes PAD Export Plugin and the ProRes Insert-edit plugin are now both available for PC platforms using Adobe Premiere. More information on that here.

iLok License Manager must be configured for automatic discovery of network servers OR a config file needs to be generated by the iLok manager running the license server, and that config file copied to the local machine. In order for automatic discovery to take place, the Bonjour service needs to be running and set to automatic startup. Check that you have the server set for automatic discovery on the systems that won’t launch. 
The dialog is accessed via the file::preferences menu in the iLok manager.