cineXtools: short and sweet

We all know how time-consuming it is to edit even the smallest changes in your videos.

CineXtools is an easy video editing software that will save you a ton of time making changes to your videos.

Watch the animated explainer to see how cineXtools works.

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Who’s using cineXtools?

New Features

Remote Insert

Collaboration as easy as a double click.

When a collaborative cloud workflow just can’t keep up with client demands, use cineXtools
Remote Insert.
  1. Each stakeholder has a copy of the viewing file.
  2. When a change is made, the editor creates an agent.
  3. The agent can be emailed, Dropboxed, or sent using similar methods, because it is a small zip file.
  4. Client double clicks the agent and the insert is automatically completed to match the editor’s file

H.264 Insert Edit

Opening up new workflows

Whether it’s corporate video, house of worship or editorial review, new H.264 support opens brand new workflow options.

cineXtools and cineXplugins will now support H.264 for insert edit. We’re excited to apply our insert edit technology to one of the most widely used formats.


Having to export files again and again, because of little tweaks here and there will now be a thing of the past, because cineXtools will help you do that in minutes rather than hours. (Are you also picturing a superhero cape blowing in the wind?)

cineXtools is a revolutionizing stand-alone media-file and deliverables management application. A useful and timesaving companion to any non-linear video editor, CineXtools is an easy video editing software that consists of several modules. Check them out below.

Make a change to any of part of your video without having to re-export again and again.

CineXtools Insert-Edit lets you make video, audio or closed captions changes to the file you’ve already exported. Don’t let a mistake in your video set you back hours. Use CineXtools insert edit to fix your files incredibly fast, easy and without compromise.

Also, CineXtools is resolution independent. This means HD, 4K and even 8K are all supported.

Watch the video tutorial here.

If you have several video or audio changes and want to make them all at once, save time using the Multi-Clip Insert tab. Drag and drop your fixes to the source side, and they’ll line up according to timecode.

Double click on each patch to preview the insert and when you’re ready, select insert to make all your changes at once. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Watch the video tutorial here

If you forgot to add or remove a crucial scene, don’t panic. With CineXtools in your corner, you can easily add or remove new pieces to your file without exporting it all over again. It will be like your very own superpower.

Add commercial blacks or remove them for a clean master copy. All of it can be done simply without re-encoding your file.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Instantly update, edit and change the metadata in your files.

A full suite of tools is available for both MOV and op1A MXF formats like restriping timecode, audio channel labels, track naming and frame rate changes. Complex changes such as correcting color metadata for HDR files, changing AFD and V-chip info, and updating internal MXF filenames/UUIDs are also supported.

The metadata editor offers tools to replace and add to features found in Quicktime Pro and JES Extensifier all in one easy-to-use interface.

Edit your audio layout simple and easy with CineXtools’ Audio Versioning tab.

Maybe you exported your file with stereo pairs, but you really wanted mono tracks. Or, perhaps you received a last minute sound byte from your client that must be added to your file. You can make audio changes to all the tracks or just a single track using the audio versioning tool.

Do you need to deliver AS-11 files to companies and broadcasters that endorse UK’s DPP? Then the process just got a whole lot easier for you! Our UK DPP AS-11 Metadata Editor helps you do that instantly. It updates and validates the DPP required metadata for AVC-Intra 100 master files.

*Optional Feature

View the DPP Certification Here

The Closed Caption Module allows you to instantly edit, add, and version MXF and MOV captions. You can do it in line from the video editor’s interface. No rewrap is necessary. 

This module also supports service-replacement using MCC and SCC files directly. It can perform extraction to sidecar files and optional SD analog captions extraction. It also supports CC format conversion tools and files with Legacy 608 tracks.

Watch the video tutorial here.

*Optional Feature

Let's Get Down To It

Original, quality content drives the media industry.

The trend for original content means that post-production facilities have more work now than ever, but on average, a show has to be exported and quality checked at least 3 times before the final delivery. And as we all know, every instance of an export can be an expensive and lengthy process.

Here’s our homework.

To really understand how cineXtools can improve productivity while saving time and money, we’ve compared a  traditional export/re-QC processes versus using cineXtools insert-edit for the exact same job.

We put a dollar amount on the hourly rate of online editors for some of the largest post-production hubs around the world for an apple-to-apple comparison.

Making a 3-minute scene change to a 60-minute file would take a total of 100 minutes done the old way. With insert edit, that same process takes a literal fraction of the time.

That same 3-minute change to a 4K file gobbles up even more time done the old way. But with insert-edit, the time savings become massive. 

We don’t have to tell you at this point that enormous amount of time, money and resources can be saved by using insert-edit. It’s clear with HD workflows, and the potential savings are glaring with 4K files.

Requiring longer export times than their HD counterparts, the demand for 4K master file delivery is increasing. Cinedeck’s solutions provide even greater savings, both time and money.

Over the course of delivering a season’s worth of 4K episodes for a single show, insert edit could save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

Using an insert-edit workflow vs. a traditional file delivery workflow, thousands of dollars in man-hours per season can be saved. That’s like a Matterhorn-sized mountain worth time, energy, effort and money.

Cinedeck is revolutionizing post workflows by giving editors the tools they need to speed through deliverables, representing considerable savings in time and money, while changing the video industry to meet modern demand.

cineX API

Jai Cave, Head of Operations at Envy Post tells us about his experience using cineX API and integrating with Reach Engine.

Massively automate your deliverables workflow with cineX API.

cineX API represents the next evolution in cineX technology by streamlining your distribution workflow. Insert and replace a promo slate to hundreds of files at a time, or create multiple audio versions for your international deliverables with the push of one button. Do one job or create multiple jobs that can be combined to customize a workflow that quickly and efficiently meets your needs – all without re-encoding and re-QCing your files.

Create and save templates from the standard cineXtools user interface to be used in the ‘API Access’ tab. API Access lets you push jobs to batch process a group of files for video or audio insert-edit, closed captions updates and inserts, audio versioning, trim and extend and AS11 metadata updates.

As a watchfolder-based workflow creator, cineX-API can also be used chained with other watchfolder-based tools so that multiple transformations can occur to the same asset in a much faster than real-time process.

With API Access, there’s now a minimal threshold to start automating insert-edits. The user only needs to be familiar with how to use cineXtools to create jobs that can batch process hundreds of files at a time.

  • Post Production Facilities: API-Access let you batch process without a MAM
  • Studios and Networks: Transform your assets at a granular level. Insert audio, video, metadata, captions and more using your existing MAM
  • Cloud-based Services: Re-uploading the same content over and over can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating to your client. Use cineX API to only upload the correction.

Sample Workflows:

Changing the promo slate for hundreds of files. Insert-edit to hundreds of files at a time – changing only what you need.


Creating an international version of your master file. Audio Version your assets without transcoding to save time and resources.


Getting Started

NOTE: Do not try to open the cineXtools software without activating your license first. If you do, you will need to uninstall cineXtools and then re-install after activating the license through iLok License Manager.

To activate your license through iLok License Manager:

  1. Download and install iLok License Manager (ILM)
  2. Sign into ILM with your newly created iLok credentials.
  3. At the top of ILM, select the tab that says “Available”; if cinedeck has issued a license, you will see the license here
  4. Right click on the license and select “Activate”
  5. ILM will ask where you want to activate the license. If you don’t have an iLok USB key, the only selection you will see is your PC or Mac.


Before starting cineXtools, you must first have a license installed on your system or on a connected iLok USB key.

The steps are:

  1. Create an iLok account if you do not already have one.
  2. Install iLok License Manager.
  3. Activate your license on your computer or onto an iLok USB key.
  4. Install and start cineXtools.

Fill in the registration form, making note of your ID, as you will need that going forward.

Open the iLok home page in a new window.


Once you have License Manager installed, open the application and sign in.


To activate a cineXtools license, you can click a license and drag it to the computer or iLok USB key or, Right Click (Mac=Control+Click) the license, select the appropriate destination and select “Activate”.

If you installed the license on your computer, you are ready to install cineXtools or, if it’s already installed, start cineXtools.

If you installed your license on an iLok USB key, assure your key is connected to the computer before starting cineXtools for the first time.

iLok USB Key:

If you are using an iLok USB key on a Windows cineXtools installation, when you first start the application you may see an expiration warning.

This is because the application is searching for a license on the machine.

Select “Continue” and the license located on your iLok USB key will be used.

For more information:

View Video Tutorials here.

Download this License Manager overview as a PDF here.

Contact Cinedeck Support for additional assistance if needed.

If you work in the Mac space, your Mac computer needs to be running OS X 10.9 (AKA Mavericks) or newer.

If you are in the Windows world, make sure your device is running Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) Service Pack 1 or newer.

A more powerful system will perform better when running CineXtools. But, because most real processing is for small bits of video and audio, the biggest factor is disk I/O for read and write.

You’ll see the best performance when you work on SSDs, particularly for the target drive. A fast local RAID or fast network storage on an 8 Gigabit or faster connection will help, too. Avoid working on devices such as a USB2 single platter spinning hard drive.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Pat Horridge from VET Training has created a thorough step by step guide here.

Although the guide is for using the plugin for AS11 file deliveries, the guide itself can be generalized for any file delivery.

Create a free iLok account by going to the ilok website here:!registration

The User Name you have used to create the ilok account is what needs to be provided to Cinedeck for a license to be deposited to your account.

iLok license manager is a free downloadable application used to manage iLok licenses. Once you receive a license in your iLok account, you can use:

– License Manager to activate the license on your machine or on an iLok USB license key.

– License Manager can also be used to transfer licenses between Machines and iLok USB keys.

– License Manager is needed for annual prepaid license plans, to install some trial licenses and if you want to manually transfer licenses between various devices.

Avid has a good iLok License Manager “How To” video:

Note: The narrator mentions that licenses cannot be moved to a computer. That was specific to the Avid licenses. cineXtools licenses can be moved to a computer or iLok USB key.

The iLok license key is a USB smart device that holds software licenses. A single iLok can store hundreds of licenses from multiple software publishers and multiple iLoks can be connected to a computer to authorize software products.

To use an iLok USB key with cineXtools, it must be 2nd Generation or newer.

No, you no longer need an iLok USB dongle. Starting in 2017, machine-based licenses became the default way to authorize the cineXtools application.

So the licenses are in fact still iLok but iLok licenses can be installed in a specific individual computer or they can be installed in a portable iLok USB license key. Both types of installations can be transferred from one machine or device to another by deactivating the first and then activating the second. For the moment, that process requires the use of the iLok License Manager application.

General Questions

ProRes is a very common codec used to encode video file. Each frame gets compressed using a different amount of data and results in every frame being a slightly different size.

To do video inserts into a target file, each frame needs to be big enough for a maximum potential data overwrite.

The rewrap is a padding process and has no effect on the video essence and is very fast, much like a file copy.

Go here to learn more about the rewrap process.

Yes, cineXtools is available for both Mac and PC.

Both versions support the same features. Generally, you can use any Mac running OS X 10.9 (AKA Mavericks) or newer. You can also use any Windows system running Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) Service Pack 1 or newer.

No, there are no functional differences between the Mac and PC versions. Both versions support ProRes, as well.

ProRes Export Plugins are software components that make delivering ProRes files simpler. We partnered with various non-linear video editing software providers to develop them.

As a result, you can export an ‘insertable’ Padded ProRes file straight from the NLE of your choice. Forget about ProRes master file preparation delays.  You can apply audio, video, and closed caption insert-edits to your files immediately.

Learn more about and request the free plugins here.

Most Broadcasters, Studios, and similar will accept Padded Prores files. And cineXtools now pads all ProRes files with variable padding so that the each frame is padded just enough.

Yet, even when your customer will not accept Padded ProRes, it is still a valuable tool. We recommend that you create a Padded ProRes mezzanine file immediately after you complete a show. You can use it later to create different slate versions and, of course, for any fixes. You won’t waste time doing full re-export and QC sessions.

If required, you can always rewrap a Padded ProRes to a Standard ProRes for final delivery.

We are working to assure that all companies accept Padded ProRes and make Padded ProRes available as an export option. And we are collaborating with some of the non-linear editor manufacturers to do so.

We now have a free batch rewrap tool that lets you process Standard ProRes to Padded ProRes rewraps, and vice-versa. Find out more about that here.

The ProRes PAD Export Plugin and the ProRes Insert-edit plugin are now both available for PC platforms using Adobe Premiere. More information on that here.

iLok License Manager must be configured for automatic discovery of network servers OR a config file needs to be generated by the iLok manager running the license server, and that config file copied to the local machine. In order for automatic discovery to take place, the Bonjour service needs to be running and set to automatic startup. Check that you have the server set for automatic discovery on the systems that won’t launch. 
The dialog is accessed via the file::preferences menu in the iLok manager.

Running cineXtools under virtual machines (VMs) is neither tested extensively nor officially supported because of known issues with features that rely on the graphics processor and other hardware in VM environments.

Use of cineXtools on a virtual machine (VM) is “at your own risk” and support will not be able to help with any issues.


When starting iLok license manager or cineXtools on a Windows system, it is possible that the application will simply not start or will display one of these error messages:

This is because the required Pace License Service has not properly started.

From the “Run” or “Ask Me Anything” dialog in the Start Menu, type “services.msc” (without quotes).

When it appears in the menu list, right click “services” and select “Run as Administrator” and press “ENTER.

Navigate down through the list at the right of the Services window and right click on “Pace License Services”.

Select “Start” from the menu.

Try running the application again.

If you are having difficulties starting cineX on your Windows 7 system, run Windows update to assure that it has the latest fixes. In rare situations, after the Windows 7 update completes, you may receive errors indicating missing files. In this case, it may be necessary to manually install both of these Visual Studio libraries:

VS2015 Redistributable: 
VS2010 Redistributable:

Note: the iLok License Manager application must be installed on whatever system is running cineXtools, regardless of whether the license is on the machine or on a iLok USB key as the License Manager application supplies the system resources for decoding the license at run-time.

The “no message” failure to start is a “feature” of v4.x of the iLok License Manager. It means the license hasn’t been able to phone home to get verified.
This verification need only occur once.

If you are using a node-license (installed on the machine rather than on an iLok USB key) then that machine with the installed license that is running cineXtools needs to connect to the internet once for iLok License Manager to verify the license.

If you’re using a physical iLok USB key, you can verify the license on any connected system running iLok License Manager and then move it to an unconnected system.

First, you will need administrator privileges to install cineXtools.

Windows 10:

Follow the standard procedures for installation on Mac or PC.

If you are installing on Windows 10, it is possible this dialog will appear when you first start the installer. This is normal.

Click on More Info and then, at the following dialog, select “Run anyway”.

The Windows 10 installation will proceed normally after that.

Windows 7:

If installing on Windows 7, a similar dialog may appear.

Select “Run” and the Windows 7 installation will proceed.

In addition, for Windows 7, assure your system is fully up to date. If you have a missing files issue, additional information regarding Windows 7 installations is here.

If you’ve activated all your licenses and the cineXtools app is saying a license is missing, the likely culprit is updating the version of iLok License Manager to the latest version. You can find the latest version here:!license-manager

Technical Specifications

Supported Codecs

ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR, XDCAM50, XDCAM35, AVC-I, XAVC, JPEG2000, H.264

  • JPEG2000 and XDCAM.35 supported for audio insert and cut/rewrap insert
  • H.264 for supported cineXtools profiles only. Releasing for NAB 2020

SD, HD, 2K, UHD, 4K, 8K and beyond. 

cinextools is resolutions independent. If you’re using a raster independent codec like ProRes, it can be any non-standard resolution. 


cineXtools support for Colorspace and bit depth depend entirely on the codec, but generally cineXtools supports YUV 8, YUV 10, RGB10 and RGB12.

On a related, but separate note, cineXtool supports HDR files, like ProRes XQ for insert, too. Like the insert support for codecs, cineXtools does colorspace conversions when inserting from source to target. So, a 10-frame RGB12 DPX sequence can be inserted to your YUV10 ProRes HQ file. For obvious reasons, we wouldn’t recommend you go from YUV8 to RGB12.

OS Requirements

For PC, Windows 7 and higher

For Mac, Maverick OSX 10.9.5 and greater


There are no minimum hardware requirements for cineXtools. However the faster / better your hardware, the faster your inserts and rewrap processes. 

One important factor in the speed of cineXtools is where the file is located and network bandwidth. If your file is located on a busy network then the speed of insert and rewrap, particularly, may be slow. It’s always best to run cineXtools as “close” to your target file as possible.

Licensing Options

Single and multiple licenses without hardware USB key.

Floating licenses available for 3 or more cineXtools licenses and 5 or more cineXplugins licenses. A separate iLok License Server is required for floating licenses. 

Everything Bundle

All Access for One Hour
$ 29 per hour
  • All Codecs
  • All Options
  • Minutes countdown upon purchase. You receive an extra 10min to install and activate the software (70min total)


1 year subscription
$ 1895 Year
  • ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and DPX
  • All Standard Features
  • Renew for $625 / year


1 year subscription
$ 2295 Year
  • ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and DPX
  • All Standard Features
  • Renew for $625 / year


1 year subscription
$ 2295 Year
  • ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and DPX
  • All Standard Features
  • Renew for $625 / year

+ALL Codecs

1 year subscription
$ 2695 Year
  • ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and DPX + ALL Codecs
  • All Standard Features
  • Renew for $949 / year

+CC Module

1 year subscription
$ 2995 Year
  • ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and DPX + ALL Codecs
  • All Standard Features
  • Renew for $949 / year
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