Speed through your deliverables process!

Making edits to your deliverables in your regular video editing software is a time-consuming process.

CineXtools can help you do that in minutes rather than hours. It is a stand-alone media-file and deliverables management application. A useful and time-saving companion to any non-linear video editor.

CineXtools is an easy video editing software that consists of several modules. Check them out to see what CineXtools can do for you.

File-to-File Insert Edit

Overwrite video, audio, and close caption data in flat files in a way that is almost identical to inserting into a video tape.

cineXtools uses timecode to define in and out points for the source and master. Then, it replaces content by overwriting the original data. Usually, the source and destination video are the same codec. But, in some cases, you can even use a different codec. For example, you can have DNxHD content as the source, and CineX will transcode it into a ProRes master. With cineXtools, you can also remap audio tracks. You can even utilize WAV audio files as sources during an insert edit.

Watch the video tutorial here

Ripple Edit | Trim & Extend


The new Ripple Edit tools let's you insert new content that's longer or shorter than your original piece. Also add or remove black anywhere in your file. All of this is done without re-encoding your original file so the QC you've done previously is still good.

Ripple Edit | Trim & Extend uses markers to add or delete new content or black, supporting up to 24 markers at a time. Each marker behaves independently so you can make all the changes necessary to a file with one process instead of iterative steps. Best of all Ripple Edit | Trim & Extend add file type support to JPEG2000 and standard ProRes files.

Find out more about the difference between Ripple Edit and Insert Edit here.

Quicktime and MXF Metadata Editor


Instantly update, edit and change the metadata in your files, with no rewrapping or recreating the file.

The metadata editor offers tools to replace and augment features found in products such as Quicktime Pro and Film Tools and JES Extensifier. cineXtools brings the feaures of all these tools to one easy-to-use interface, allowing many types of in-place metadata changes without requiring a rewrap or re-encode and expanding them to include support for op1A MXF.

A full suite of tools is available for both MOV and op1A MXF:  Audio channel labels, track naming, framerate changes, etc. are all available to update almost instantly.  More esoteric changes are also available, such as correcting color metadata for HDR files exported by applications that did not support SMPTE 2020 flags, changing AFD and Vchip info, and changing internal MXF filenames/UUIDs.

Audio Versioning

Audio Versioning enables reorganizing video and audio content much faster than real-time merging. You can manage and combine audio with video essence by adding or removing audio tracks. The Audio Versioning module allows you to add or remove up to 32 audio channels! You can also re-route or re-map existing audio tracks as well as use WAV files as the source for audio tracks. All that, without making any structural changes to them.

QC Playout

cineXtools' QC support lets you play out video over NDI. To QC your inserts on an SDI monitor, use any one of the widely available NDI to SDI converters.

A planned release of cineXtools will add RS422 support so you can use any 3rd party RS422 controller to jog, shuttle and scrub through your video inserts.

Mutliclip Insert

The Multi-Clip Insert Module allows you insert several patches at once. Drag and drop your patches to the source side, and they’ll queue up according to timecode. Then, drag and drop each file you want to insert to the target side.

Timecode Restripe

With Timecode Restripe, you can change the running timecode for a loaded file. It also allows you to toggle the file timecode between Drop-Frame and Non-Drop Frame.

4K Deliverables

Usually as the resolution of your file goes up, so does your NLE’s render and export time. With cineXtools though, you won’t need to wait long hours for the entire show to re-export. Export only a corrected patch and insert it into the master file. 4K, 8K or any resolution, cineXtools can handle it all.

Optional Features

XDCAM Upgrade

cineXtools allows you to insert and overwrite new video, audio or closed caption data to XDCAM files. Even those created by Telestream, Avid, Adobe, and XDCAM decks. Use cineXtools to add the new slate, promo, or textless elements. You don’t have to encode and QC your XDCAM file all over again!

AS11-DPP Upgrade

Do you need to deliver AS-11 files to companies and broadcasters that endorse UK’s DPP? Then the process just got a whole lot easier for you! Our UK DPP AS-11 Metadata Editor helps you do that instantly. It updates and validates the DPP required metadata for AVC-Intra 100 master files.

XAVC Upgrade

cineXtools supports XAVC CBG 300/480 video/audio insert (NHK Profile). It also supports audio only inserts for XAVC VBR/Long GOP.

XAVC codec support is a part of the +AVC package for cineXtools.

Closed Captioning Module

The Closed Caption Module allows you to instantly edit, add, and version MXF and MOV captions. You can do it in line from the video editor’s interface. No rewrap is necessary.

This module also supports service-replacement using MCC and SCC files directly. It can perform extraction to sidecar files and optional SD analog captions extraction. It also supports CC format conversion tools and files with Legacy 608 tracks.

Are you ready to give cineXtools a try?