CloudFlow Hub

Introducing CloudFlow Hub: The Future of Cloud-Based Media Production

Streamline Your Workflow with CloudFlow Hub

Embrace efficiency and innovation with CloudFlow Hub, Cinedeck’s latest breakthrough in cloud-based video production and distribution. Leveraging our legacy of excellence in live ingest, caption embedding, and transcoding through our renowned products—CD2, cineXtools, and Connex—CloudFlow Hub unites these capabilities into a singular, powerful platform. Enhanced with AI for live captioning, CloudFlow Hub is your all-in-one solution for seamless media production workflows.

Our Journey to Innovation

Cinedeck has long been at the forefront of media technology advancements. Each component of the CloudFlow Hub workflow—live ingest, embedding captions, and transcoding—has been meticulously refined through our existing product suite. CD2 set the standard for reliable live ingest, cineXtools revolutionized caption embedding and editing, and Connex streamlined complex media workflows. Today, CloudFlow Hub brings these technologies together, incorporating AI to offer live AI captioning and translations, marking a new era in media production efficiency and accessibility.

Case Study

Cost-Efficient Media Production: Satellite vs. Cloud-Based Workflows
In the evolving landscape of media production, making informed decisions about content distribution methods is crucial. While traditional satellite transmission has been a standard, the advent of cloud-based workflows presents a compelling alternative. Explore how CloudFlow Hub redefines efficiency and cost-effectiveness in media production.


By eliminating the need for physical satellite infrastructure, CloudFlow Hub significantly lowers operational costs.

Costs are scalable and are associated with cloud storage and processing services, for tailored offering to the project's size and duration.


Base cloud costs are below $200 per hour, for triple redundancy, per hour of programming + Software Costs


Increased Flexibility:
CloudFlow Hub offers unmatched flexibility, adapting swiftly to changing demands

Scalability and Efficiency:
Tailor your workflow to your needs without the constraints of satellite transmission, ensuring efficient use of resources and lower operational costs.


Traditional satellite transmission can be costly, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 for a single event.

These expenses cover uplink and downlink services, satellite transponder rental, and additional fees for technical support and setup.


$10,000 to $30,000
(for an event from Los Angeles to New York)

Why Choose Cloudflow Hub

Comprehensive Workflow Solution

From live video feed ingest to final distribution, CloudFlow Hub covers all aspects of the media production workflow, now with the added intelligence of AI-driven live captioning and translations.

legacy of excellence
Built on Cinedeck’s proven technologies and expertise, CloudFlow Hub is designed to meet the high standards of today’s media production environments.
future ready
With CloudFlow Hub, embrace the future of media production, leveraging cloud technology and AI to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.
Live AI Captions
Enhance your content’s accessibility with real-time captioning, ensuring that your message reaches a broader audience without delay.
Fast turnaround translations
Break language barriers with near live translations of your content into Spanish, expanding your audience and increasing engagement.

Ready to Elevate Your Media Production?

Discover the operational and financial benefits of CloudFlow Hub. Explore our solutions or contact us for a demo and see how we can transform your media production workflow.