Cinedeck and Versatile Distribution Services have formed a strategic partnership to launch a hardware platform, enhanced by Cinedeck’s CD2 software, to provide efficient video production solutions with a range of adaptable pricing options.

Discover the future of media production with Cinedeck’s revolutionary partnership with Versatile Distribution Services.

Modern media is a demanding field. For studio, live event, and multicam reality productions, most operations require more than just basic ingest capabilities. With Cinedeck, enjoy features like Live Logger, Live Replay, and Playlisting, among others, each designed to elevate your video production and post-production experiences. Our system adapts to your needs, whether it’s real-time clipping with the Playlist Manager or wide-reaching compatibility with the latest formats.

Traditional ingest solutions can strain your budget, but Cinedeck is revolutionizing the game. With our adaptive pricing models, we’re bringing flexibility to your operational budget, offering both short-term and long-term subscription choices.

Versatile Distribution Services, in alliance with industry giant Dell, ensures you’re always working with state-of-the-art hardware. Their reputation for power, efficiency, and design, combined with our software, means we’re delivering a package that’s unbeatable in terms of performance, reliability, and support.

Join us in embracing this game-changing partnership. With Versatile’s hardware expertise and Cinedeck’s commitment to innovation, the future of media production has never looked brighter.