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Live log Cinedeck created media with easy browser based search, drag and drop to Avid and Adobe bins

Multicam productions are packed full of crucial information about any number of parameters including contestants, characters, set, script, etc… All of this information needs to be organized at the start of production. Failure to do so can cause major delays in post production, or perhaps the best shot doesn’t make the cut because it couldn’t be found.

The stakes are even greater for fast-paced multicam reality productions. Since there are no retakes, the critical shot needs to be ingested and information about the shot needs to be logged urgently since one shot could be the keystone for the story of the episode.

Combining Cinedeck and Dixon you get a holistic solution for multicam productions. Record edit-ready formats to shared storage, live log against a growing proxy format, then search and edit using the Dixon Search panel for Premiere and Media Composer. 

Do more faster, eliminate clerical work and use the best of all your assets.

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About Dixon

More cameras, higher resolutions, lots of hours, remote locations, workers at home, the flood of content is never ending and hard to manage.  To keep from drowning, while at the same time putting more of your investment onto today’s many screens, requires rich metadata.

Dixon Sports Computing’s Rich Metadata Engine helps our clients profitably manage the flood of content.  All your content from every camera is instantly accessible to everywhere, spurring creativity and exploiting your entire content library instead of just what people remember or stumble across.  Content that can’t be quickly and easily found is dead weight costing you money. (contact)

About Cinedeck

We are outside-the-box thinkers creating workflows that are both inventive and direct. Whether it’s encoding edit-ready formats for the fastest camera to post workflow or helping to get your files to the delivery finish line with our now patented insert-edit technology, we’re dedicated to creating tools that enable your most efficient workflows.

Cinedeck’s ingest products include hardware platform optimized for multicam ingest for SDI, NDI and SRT inputs. And Cinedeck Ingest to Cloud provides on-demand ISO ingest directly to AWS.

The cineX suite of products comprise of cineXtools, cineXplugins and cineXmeta. Instantly update video, audio, captions and metadata using cineXtools, a standalone software for PC and Mac, or use cineXplugins for Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. Insert edit technology, the basis for instant update to standard broadcast formats is patented with the USPTO. (contact)