Cinedeck Production Workflows

Multicam Studio, OB and Live Event

Record multiple resolutions and/or codecs to the same system so that one pass of ingest is all you need to create all file types.

All Cinedecks create Avid Native Media and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. If you are editing in Avid for your multicam show, this means that once the record is over, you can drag and drop your AAFs and start editing right away. Don’t waste another minute transcoding or ingesting your files to start editing your multicam productions.

Ingest directly to your shared storage so that your files are available immediately. And build in redundancy to your workflow by ingesting a separate set of files simultaneously.

Cinedeck offers a web based control interface that can gang channels across multiple decks in a simple to use web-based application for PC and Mac.


Cinedeck’s flexibility means that we also support various metadata requirements.

Cinedeck ingest servers support a huge range of codecs, wrappers, colorspace and resolutions.


Cinedeck supports various record styles that give you the needed flexibility to tackle any job.

Cinedecks offer trailblazing flexibility for endless workflow options.

Whether it’s SD, HD, 2K, UHDTV-1 or full 4K, a single-camera shoot or multi-cam live event, Cinedecks deliver unrivaled speed and versatility, dramatically streamlining your production to post to delivery workflow.

All current Cinedeck models run the same easy-to-use interface and are designed around the same video hardware. They are interchangeable, supporting many of the same workflows for a wide range of production and post production tasks.

One-hundred cameras, running 24 hours, 7 days a week, for over 72 days

FNTECH discusses how Cinedeck has helped them tackle the most complex production workflows.

“We’ve built our business around Cinedeck recorders,” say’s Curt Fuglewicz, FNTech’s President. “We have worked closely with Cinedeck for many years now, and recognize that they have much better products than many other companies today. Either their rivals don’t do as much, or you might need to pay ten times the price to achieve the same functionality,” says Fuglewicz. “Ultimately, Cinedeck’s top-of-the-line products give producers the speed, efficiency and security they demand as they entrust their multi-million dollar productions to us.”

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