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Cinedeck Case Study: Ocean Exploration Trust


Cinedeck delivers a tailored Ingest Solution to ensure Ocean Exploration Trust can capture each expedition effectively and accurately with unparalleled scalability for the latest technological evolutions and innovations.


Founded in 2008, Ocean Exploration Trust is one of the world’s leading organisations for pure ocean exploration. On a constant mission for new discoveries in the fields of marine biology, geology, archaeology, chemistry and many others; they need the best technological advancements to match their already shining successes. With only 5% of the worlds’ seafloor explored and 65% left entirely unexplored, it is essential that each expedition is documented effectively and accurately. The objective is simple: implement and operate reliable video exploration technologies to ensure all deep-sea discoveries are optimally captured and recorded


Cinedeck produced a unique and tailored solution for Ocean Exploration Trust based on the foundations of their Ingest Systems, showcasing the following features: 

  1. IRIG-B timecode multi-channel lossless JPEG2000 and H.264 coding uncompressed formats and VANC insertion and extraction. 
  2. The Ingest Systems are easy to use, optimising modification and unique tailoring abilities for the purpose of government, science and technology sectors. 
  3. Live-logging and real-time metadata tagging streamlines video processing and provides instant access to crucial clips. 
  4. Reordering clips is made efficiently accessible, also, for ease of use amongst the dynamic science sector that EOT operates within. 
  5. Character overlays and timecode burning allows users to enhance interface previews for stakeholders and keep them informed on crucial upcoming recordings.


  1. Built with tailoring and modification in mind for government, technology and science vectors providing ease of use in specific circumstances.
  2. Scalable and future-proof, with the ability to support upcoming technological evolutions and innovations.
  3. Custom service portal provides access to current and past requests and direct communication with the development team.
  4. Permissions, granting and records can all be managed for the efficient use of user access features. 
  5. With a custom made Ingest System, undersea video production can be refined and optimized by providing tools and workflows in various types of production settings.