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SINTEF Ocean: Cinedeck Case Study


Cinedeck’s customised Ingest System has allowed SINTEF Ocean to protect the precious nature of its investigations in ship hydrodynamics.


SINTEF Ocean is one of the most crucial and forward-thinking centers for Cinedeck systems, providing a vital source of maritime research and focusing on the leading investigations in ship hydrodynamics. With these investigations producing precious results, a customized system was needed. As such, the objective was to implement a system that would accurately and efficiently record hydrodynamic phenomena test results; with the overall intention being to power the development of marine and maritime industries. 


Cinedeck offered a customized product based on their Ingest System, which uses the following features:

  1. Customizable additions to Cinedeck’s systems include video burn-ins, metadata and XMLs alongside other specialities on request.
  2. Easily customizable user interface access for efficiently defining permissions, granting access and allowing view-only access to test results.
  3. User interface allows for compatibility with legacy peripherals and the ability to future proof the ingest process for faster and more reliable access to results.
  4. Cinedeck caters to critical documentation scenarios, with IRIG-B timecode, multi-channel lossless JPEG2000 and H.264 encoding at the forefront of the systems’ unique qualities.
  5. With the service portal, you’ll receive unlimited access to current and past requests and be provided with a direct line of communication with the team.


  1. The future-proof and high-end quality of this tailored system offers seamless integration into a wide variety of vector workflows.
  2. Customization and unique tailoring allows for a one-size fits all approach to ingest systems in the government, technology and science vectors without compromising on quality.
  3. Accurate and tailored system interfaces provide the ultimate and optimized technological experience for scientific exploration vectors.
  4. Reliable and easy-access support with reviewing, distributing and archiving of scientific documentation and analysis.
  5. Optimized media handling and segmented documentation for easy management of results.