House of Worship

Plug & Play Design

Plug in your Input Sources and mount your storage destination and you're ready to go. All Cinedeck Ingest devices are all in one record and ingest system.

Edit-Ready Media

Capture edit-ready formats right off the bat, no transcoding or plugins required. We know your turnaround times are tight and being able to edit asap is crucial.

Easy User Interface

Many of the elements of Cinedeck's UI are drag and drop making for a modern intuitive UI that is easy to use and easy to learn. And you can make sure your daily operations are consistent by using presets.

Set User Permissions

Create, edit and assign user levels for setting up, creating, controlling and viewing records. Make your record days as stress free as possible by setting up in advance.

Multiple Resolutions

Each channel of Cinedeck can be used completely independent for record or playback. This means that you can mix in both UHD, HD and SD sources all while sharing the same project settings and file naming guidelines.

Case Study

Bellevue Baptist Church, based in the community of Cordova near Memphis, has innovated in television broadcasts of its worship services for over 50 years. Now the church is spearheading its transition from SD to full HD file-based production and post with four, dual-channel Cinedeck at the heart of a new, streamlined workflow.

In the summer of 2012 the church’s media department made the decision to begin the transition from SD to full file-based HD production and post-production, and harnessed Cinedeck recorders as part of this advance.

“We’ve discovered many advantages with the Cinedeck, the chief of these being the speed and efficiency of the workflow they enable for editorial,” says video editor Noah Sidhom. “Now we get so much more time to fine-tune the final edit on our programs. Ultimately, we can finish productions to a much higher standard than we have in the past, in a lot less time.”

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