Why Choose Cinedeck for House of Worship?

Plug & Play Design

Easily record and store footage with Cinedeck Ingest devices. Just connect your sources, set your storage, and go. It's an all-in-one system that simplifies your workflow, saving you time.

Easy User Interface

Cinedeck's drag-and-drop interface is modern, easy-to-use, and quick to learn. Use presets to standardize tasks, ensuring consistent and efficient daily operations.

Multiple Resolutions

Cinedeck lets you record and play back on separate channels. Mix sources like UHD, HD, and SD, keeping project settings and file names consistent.

Editable Media

Cinedeck captures edit-ready formats, eliminating the need for format conversion. Start editing immediately, ensuring quick content delivery, especially when streaming to multiple locations.

Set User Permissions

Cinedeck simplifies user management. Easily set up, control, and view records by assigning customized roles. This ensures secure data access and stress-free recording sessions.

Scale Affordably

Starting under $5000, Cinedeck's subscription software scales with your needs. Invest in an affordable, adjustable subscription for superior recording solutions tailored to your budget and operations.

Integrated Tools

Live Logging

XML for live logging supported for Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X and MAMs.

Play Listing

Enjoy full control with Cinedeck's playout app. Customize viewing, reorder clips, and manage content with ease.

Workflow Automation

ConneX, a scalable media platform, combines automated workflows with top capture and processing tech for fast, easy content modification.

Case Study

Case Study

Bellevue Baptist Church, based in the community of Cordova near Memphis, has innovated in television broadcasts of its worship services for over 50 years. Now the church is spearheading its transition from SD to full HD file-based production and post with four, dual-channel Cinedeck at the heart of a new, streamlined workflow.

In the summer of 2012 the church’s media department made the decision to begin the transition from SD to full file-based HD production and post-production, and harnessed Cinedeck recorders as part of this advance.

“We’ve discovered many advantages with the Cinedeck, the chief of these being the speed and efficiency of the workflow they enable for editorial,” says video editor Noah Sidhom. “Now we get so much more time to fine-tune the final edit on our programs. Ultimately, we can finish productions to a much higher standard than we have in the past, in a lot less time.”

Additional Cinedeck Installations

Additional Cinedeck Installations

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