Cinedeck Archive Workflows

Cinedeck Advantage for Archive Workflows

Cinedecks support archival codecs and wrappers like mathematically lossless JPEG 2000 wrapped as AS02 or AS11 files, while also supporting high frame-rates and resolutions in UHD and 4K, giving you flexibility for your archiving needs, all in one appliance.

Record multiple resolutions and/or codecs to the same system so that one pass of ingest is all you need to create all file types.

Cinedeck ingest servers support a huge range of codecs, wrappers, colorspace and resolutions.

Ingest directly to your shared storage so that your files are available immediately. And build in redundancy to your workflow by ingesting a separate set of files simultaneously.

Cinedeck’s flexibility means that we also support various metadata requirements.

Cinedeck supports various record styles that give you the needed flexibility to tackle any job.

Schedule records and control your Cinedeck ingest channels with a web based app.


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