Cinedecks offer trailblazing flexibility for endless workflow options.

Cinedecks offer unparalleled flexibility and a wide range of workflow options to cater to diverse archiving needs. Whether you’re working with SD, HD, 2K, UHDTV-1, or full 4K, Cinedecks deliver unmatched speed and versatility, significantly streamlining your archive from tape workflow. All Cinedeck models feature an easy-to-use interface, built around the same video hardware, and are interchangeable, supporting a wide array of production and post-production tasks.

Crucially, Cinedeck supports standard archive formats, including DV and JPEG2000 in various file wrappers, ensuring seamless integration with your existing archiving process. Additionally, each Cinedeck channel can accommodate its own RS422 control, providing enhanced flexibility and customization for your archiving workflow.

By providing a comprehensive solution that accommodates diverse formats and resolutions, Cinedeck enables you to efficiently digitize and preserve your valuable tape-based content, safeguarding it for future generations while simplifying access and management. Trust Cinedeck to revolutionize your archive from tape workflow, empowering you to focus on creating and preserving outstanding content.

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