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If you have a valid support contract with Cinedeck, then you can upgrade to Cinedeck 2.0 for free. 
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Yes, ultimately we are building towards the goal of creating a software only version of the Cinedeck 2.0 ingest tool. This goes hand in hand with our plans to bring Cinedeck Ingest to the cloud – likely in an AWS instance. Please expect an announcement later this year.

Yes, if you’re using Newtek to output an NDI signal, then all models of Cinedeck will be able to record the NDI feed with the Cinedeck 2.0 user interface.

Cinedeck 2.0 has been built on the new Cinedeck RESTful API so everything that’s in Cinedeck 2.0 can be called with an API. If you’d like access to Cinedeck 2.0’s RESTful API, please fill out the form below. 

We are expecting to release our API documentation mid-April.

Cinedeck Ingest API

Official documentation is planned for release on April 15th, 2021. The API will require that you download the code library, code samples and documentation when available. The API and the new Cinedeck 2.0 UI is only available for Cinedeck customers with a valid support contract. In order to run the API, you will need the latest version of the Cinedeck Ingest application.

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