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NAB Promotions

Cinedeck is running exciting promotions to celebrate the release of the ZX85 and the new features for cineXtools!

Contact a Cinedeck Partner for more details. 

Avid Airspeed Trade-In Promo through Dec 31st, 2019!

Avid Airspeed Trade-in

All through 2019, trade-in your Air Speed for a fully loaded ZX85 with Cinedeck’s Interplay package that let’s you Check-in Media, Edit While Capture and use Multi-Res Workflows. 

Cinedeck supports all codecs in MXF OpAtom. So whether you’re working in ProRes, XDCAM, XAVC and of course, DNxHD/HR, you don’t have to transcode or rewrap your files to check them into your shared environment. 

Cinedeck ZX85 + Interplay Package: $48,993

Trade-in Credit: $6000

Your Price: $42,993 (Includes 1st year support)

Ask a Cinedeck reseller for more information!

cineXtools Promo through
April 30th, 2019

cinextools Promo

Save $500 on new cineXtools licenses through April 30th, 2019.

We’ve added incredibly useful new features like the new Metadata Editor so you can finally let go of QT Pro 7 and the ability to visually QC your inserts with NDI playout. 

Try out cineXtools and see why  it’s the finishing tool that post-professionals rely on to get their file deliveries out the door on time and on budget!

Ask a Cinedeck reseller for more information!


All Codecs Pricing at 25% Off

New cineXplugins Pricing

Cinedeck is now offering an ALL Codecs package for cineXplugins.  Instead of purchasing each codec separately, you can purchase the ALL Codecs package that gives you insert-edit capabilities for ProRes, XDCAM, AVC, XAVC and DNxHD/HR. 

Pricing for the ALL Codecs package is $117/mo vs. $156/mo – that’s a 25% savings that you can count on month to month!

Ask a Cinedeck reseller for more information!