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CineCast: Advice for Young Software Companies

Taking Cinedeck from the hardware world to the software world impacted leaders’ outlook on the company business model and shaped the company in an unexpected way, COO Jane Sung [contributor page] said in this third of a three-part conversation on CineCast, a Cinedeck podcast.

“When we first launched the software, we launched with our same hardware mentality,” Sung said. “As a matter of fact, we launched because it was an easy thing to do, almost like an addendum to our hardware product.”

Six months later, clients were choosing cineXtools software instead of Cinedeck’s legacy hardware tools.

“As a business owner that’s scary because our software was 1/20th of the price of our hardware,” Sung said.

The success of cineXtools taught Sung and the company the importance of process and structure to manage scalable growth, and that’s advice she shares with other young software companies.