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Evolving Into the Cloud


All of our finishing assistants who perform all the QC, mastering, and delivery have a license for cineXtools. We have now integrated cineXtools with LucidLink so that our finishing assistants can create deliverables no matter where they are. If they are using their home systems or working in the office, or shuttling between the two, they’ll use cineX to drop in inserts and updates without having to pull down new files in both directions.

During the height of the pandemic, Cinedeck’s cineXtools and LucidLink started working together to bring together a workflow that provides immediate benefits for collaborative file delivery. In short, you use cineXtools to insert edit a correction to a file on the LucidLink file space and then you only ever upload the change, never the whole file. Using the two technologies in combination updates the file and and it’s ready to be delivered immediately. (Our joint webinar last summer explains the whole workflow here.)

To our surprise, customers were figuring out this workflow on their own. For instance, Zeb Chadfield, founder and finishing artist at The Finish Line, had been using cineXtools and LucidLink in combination for nearly a year before our technology partnership. 

Check out the full story on the LucidLink website. It’s an incredible read about a technologist with a vision that champions not only innovation, but more importantly people.