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Located in the heart of Soho, post finishing facility, Directors Cut, has post-produced over 250 hours of television for UK Broadcast Channels in just the first half of 2017. While clearly a busy facility, every project is assigned a post producer to ensure a smooth workflow with a personal touch. Directors Cut boasts thirty offline edit suites that are supported by online, grade and audio departments and regularly invest in new technologies to provide their clients with cutting-edge tools. Recently, Directors Cut decided to invest in Cinedeck with an RX2 and cineXtools purchase to facilitate their deliverables workflow and enhance their clients experience at their facility.

“Digital Garage initially introduced Cinedeck’s File-based Insert Edit workflow to our team,” says Andy Nicholson, Technical Director at Directors Cut. “We already had tools to insert edit for AS 11 but Cinedeck complimented our existing workflows and went a step further by providing these tools across multiple codecs including ProRes which was core to many of our client’s deliverables”

Directors Cut’s new 2-ch. RX2 system allows the online group to create AS11-DPP, ProRes, and H264 compliant files on Cinedeck with Avid’s Digital Cut tool controlling each channel of RX2 as if each channel were a standard tapedeck. Andy notes, “I really appreciate that Cinedeck has allowed us to incorporate a ‘no-export’ workflow for our deliverables pipeline. It can be challenging to export a file with all the correct settings and metadata fields. If a setting is incorrect, then we would need to export all over again – it can be a maddening process.” He continues, “We use the blacked file workflow for the layoffs, and all settings like codec, framerate, etc… are pre-filled. This limits room for human error, which ultimately saves us time when delivering with tight deadlines.”

Andy notes, another bonus of using File-based Insert Edit is the amount of time saved by not having to re-export and re-QC the whole file for fixes or corrections. “With Cinedeck and cineXtools, the practice of spot-checking corrections is fool-proof. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest applications to use: set in/out points, then insert your shot change, title or whatever correction that needs to be made. Then, we only QC the newly inserted material, since that’s all that was changed in the file.” Mark Manning, Directors Cut’s Managing Director notes, “I’m really pleased how quickly and affordably we’re able to react to client’s requirements. For instance, if a customer would like a last minute shot change, we can accommodate the change almost instantly with cineXtools.”

“Working with Digital Garage has enabled us to adopt new workflows providing time, and money savings, which in turn allow us to set the pace in our ever-evolving space, where deadlines are tight and budgets constrained,” says Mark. He continues, “They also went the extra mile by installing and setting up the system onsite for us to test and review ahead of the purchase. Digital Garage not only offered their expertise but brought the manufacturer’s expertise into the equation, giving us two tiers of knowledge and confidence.’

As a final note, Andy comments, “We’re keen on finding other uses for cineXtools and Cinedeck in our workflow. There’s no doubt that we are saving time and money on the handful of workflows that we’ve incorporated file-based insert edit. Both products have become essential for our file deliveries in the short time that we’ve had them.”

Mike Whelan, MD at Digital Garage comments “it is always difficult to manage change within any company, but working together with Cinedeck and Directors Cuts was a delight – ultimately creating a positive change in workflow that has streamlined both financial and technical solutions”.

  • ABOUT DIRECTORS CUTEstablished in 1999, the close-knit team at Directors Cut provides a friendly environment for your post-production needs. Over the last 10 years, the company has grown over 600% both in terms of facilities offered and turnover. Our reputation is based on strong relationships forged throughout the process, from the first workflow meetings to technical support advice and excellent tea and coffee.
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