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Making Live Content More Sustainable


In December 2021, Cinedeck’s Capture2Cloud played a role in an investigation into how to produce live content with a reduced carbon footprint, with a live English Premier League soccer game at the center of the trial. The IBC Sustainable Live Production Accelerator carried out the investigation, comparing and contrasting carbon footprints of deployed bespoke cloud and software-based workflows, against traditional outside broadcast production. The proof of concept (PoC) project team also examined if there was a difference between the connectivity footprint of remote and cloud workflows, an area previously not investigated.

The PoC team, made up of BBC Sport, BT Sport, Sky Sports and international rights-holders NBCUniversal and SuperSport each had responsibility for different aspects of the workflow, with Cinedeck’s Capture2Cloud being used for ingesting to the cloud. One of the key findings of the project was that remote/cloud workflows allow for a potential fuel reduction on-site of over 50%. To read more about the project and its finding, read the full article here.