Upgrade your Cinedeck

All Cinedeck Servers are upgradeable and we want to prove that to you by opening up our upgrade program to include ZX20s and Cinedeck MX. Upgrade your current ZX20, ZX40, ZX45 or MX to the newest ZX platform for IP or 12G capability. 

  • Contact your reseller or Cinedeck distributor for a quote. 
  • Any ZX and MX is eligible for upgrade
  • A trade-in credit is applicable only if the unit is currently under support.

Free cineX-Everything


We’re offering a 100% free version of cineXtools, cineXmeta and cineXplugins. It’s a no restrictions extended trial that will run from May 31st to August 31st. 

Also included in the trial are the newest cineXtools features including Remote Insert, H264 support and cineXmeta. If you missed the webinar, you can still sign up for the promo here, but the promotion will only be available through May 31st. 

After this date, you can request a promo license through a Cinedeck partner