Multi-Channel Record and Playback
Government | Surveillance | Military

For over a decade, Cinedeck has been delivering record and ingest solutions to the government space. With over one hundred installations, we have proven experience and know-how for the most critical record environments. Our customers include NASA, US Army, US Navy and the US House of Representatives. Due to our long history of supporting JPEG2000, Cinedeck  ingest systems are used for archive recordings both in the US and internationally.

Your Time Matters

Fixes to files that have already been created, delivered or archived are costly. And these changes are often repeated; meaning that over time, re-exporting and re-QCing wastes thousands of dollars. Instead, use cineXtools to insert-edit your changes to save time, energy and effort.


Over 95% of files need Correction, Re-Exporting and QC, one or more times before they’re accepted.


On average, it takes more than 60 minutes to make a Change, Re-Export and QC a thirty-minute show.

Features Matter

Cinedeck ingest systems support features that critical record situations require such as IRIG-B timecode, multi-channel lossless JPEG2000 and H.264 encoding, uncompressed formats and VANC insertion and extraction all in one plug and play device.

Check out all the features that Cinedeck offer here.


With a track record of resolving northwards of 90% of support requests within the hour, our comprehensive service desk ensures your support requests and urgent issues are handled quickly. 

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We recognize that every workflow is different. That's why Cinedeck offers tailored video burn-ins,  metadata and XMLs, to name a few customizations.

Whether you need a control interface that works with your legacy peripherals or want to future proof your ingest, we look forward to collaborating with you.