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Creating success for remote production and post

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Rescheduling for Feb 2022

Join Cinedeck for an in-depth discussion with production specialists from QSR Systems and Vista Studios for an upcoming webinar exploring all you need to know to make remote production and post a success.

Video content providers have been steadily migrating tools and processes to the cloud for some time. With challenges brought on by the pandemic and a need to keep content flowing, the shift to cloud has accelerated. There is now more desire for flexible, cost-effective remote production and post-production workflows with stronger demand for cloud-based tools.

How do you manage that transition without sacrificing quality and reliability?

Amazon’s Head of Unscripted Post Production, Frank Salinas and Tiffany Phelps, Sr. Post Production Executive at Amazon Studios, will moderate:

  • Collaborations between the organizations
  • Strategies for different types of production
  • Various stages of remote workflows
  • Details of supported files and codecs