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TELEFE Acquires ZX45 for Scripted TV and Sitcom Production


“For the production of sitcoms and scripted TV, we needed to have a machine with an interface that would show the recording status of the different signals simultaneously and show that these were ingested with the correct time code for quality control,” commented Diego Perez, technical engineer for TELEFE.

In addition, other great features included in the Cinedeck ZX45, such as the flexibility in accepting different formats and codecs and the capability to record up to four HD signals at the same time, make this equipment the preferred recorder used by other TV stations of the Argentinean network, such as Nick Jr. and Comedy Central, as it accepts frame rates and codecs not available in TELEFE’s original hardware inventory.

“The Cinedeck ZX45 has an interface that is easy to operate and allows customizations that can be created according to the user’s level of experience. As TELEFE starts exploring the production of 4K/HDR content and thanks to the ZX45’s capability to operate four HD signals simultaneously, or one 4K signal, we believe we will be utilizing this functionality very soon,” concludes Diego Perez.

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Telefe network based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, comprises of  eight wholly owned channels in the interior of the country; Telefe Internacional, a pay TV channel seen throughout the Americas and distributed globally to 10 million subscribers in 17 countries; digital apps such as Mi Telefe (My Telefe) and Telefe Noticias (Telefe News); multi-channel network UPlay; and 12 production studios.

Telefe reaches 95 percent of all households in Argentina, which has a population of 43 million, and has attracted approximately a 33 percent share of viewership year-to-date. The network produces more than 3,000 hours of Spanish-language video content each year, including seven of the top 10 programs currently airing locally. Its library consists of 33,000 hours of local content.

In 2016, Viacom acquired Telefe.