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What’s in Store for 2021

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Happy New Year!

Here at Cinedeck, we’ve been busy with new dev!

To kickoff the new year, I want to tell you about what you can expect from us this year. 

In about six weeks time (end of Feb 2021), we’ll be launching our new NDI-SRT-IP recorderIt features a brand new UI that greatly simplifies control, setting up projects and file naming. We’ve emphasized usability with features like drag and drop and a customizable collapsible view. 

The Cinedeck 2.0 is also available to Cinedeck Hardware customers with a simple software update. 

Next, we have cineXtools 2.0. Again, a fresh new user interface that feels more like an NLE.  Check out this insert edit demo (in the video). 

All the great tools in cineX like captions editing, audio insert, trim and extend, etc.. will be available in 2.0.

A beta program will be available in May so be on the lookout for that. 

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Stay well!

Jane Sung

COO // Cinedeck