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New York – Yankee Stadium, July 7th & 8th, 2016 – Cinedecks were used to record a high profile concert for a multi-cam UHD production planned for distribution later in the year. Twenty-two Cinedeck ZX45s were deployed in All Mobile Video’s (AMV) newest 4K production truck, Zurich and the decks’ performance was spotless. The DNxHR 8bit SQ, 59.94 recordings made onto 2TB SSDs were initially planned as a backup, which proved to be prudent. 4K/UHD images are made up of four quadrants from four inputs and the primary recording system from another major manufacturer lost a quadrant due to a power failure on the first night. The recordings from the ZX45s meant nothing was lost. Additionally, several of Cinedeck’s new eight channel, H.264 recorders were deployed in Zurich’s A and B units for immediate review of concert footage.

Cinedeck continues to maintain its founding mantra for multi-cam and live event production as the most efficient camera to post workflow for any environment, and especially Avid post workflows.  “This was our first multi-cam 4K record and the ZX45s performed flawlessly with a lot of processing power overhead leftover. Being able to live encode Avid native DNxHR OpAtom is a huge benefit to post-production units accustomed to editing in Media Composer,” says Cinedeck CTO, Charles Dautremont, who was on site to support the event.

With locations in New York and Los Angeles, All Mobile Video now maintains the world’s largest inventory of Cinedeck recorders, which includes the latest ZX45s.