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ISE Recap: FAQs from the Show


Here are just some of the questions that was asked last week on our live chat sessions during ISE:

Q: We work with DNx and ProRes files. Is it possible to create these simultaneously?

A: Yes you can capture in different codecs simultaneously, within our presets settings for each individual channel input.

Q: Our current ingest solution only allows us to capture a High-Res file. We need to add additional units for proxy capture, which doubles our workload. Do you support proxy capture?

A: Yes, with every High-Res capture you can create a proxy file simultaneously, on the same channel input, so on a 4 channel server you actually have 8 captures.

Q: We are looking at a hybrid ingest solution to have multiple on-prem ingest and cloud proxy capture. Is this something you support and easily manage?

A: Yes we support hybrid ingest, using our control application you can manage multiple ingest servers on prem and in the cloud from a single pane of glass.