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Ingest and Playback For Today and Tomorrow

Cinedeck’s latest offerings for interoperability and I/O support let you create incredibly flexible workflows for tomorrow’s multi-cam and studio record environments.

Cinedeck’s unrestricted Restful API not only allow simple integration into other systems (MAM) but also enable opportunities to develop custom interfaces. Cinedeck already ships with a remote scheduling and record interface that can run on any windows platform on the network.

Today we consider ingest as coming from a baseband source via SDI and now SMPTE 2022 network (Both options available for the ZX) but we are now moving to streaming ingest options. The ZX 85 has the ability to encode NDI streams into edit-ready formats and play out these same formats over NDI. Being able to unlock Cinedeck’s ingest and record IP from it’s current hardware shell will play a significant role in the next 5 ~ 10 years.