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Cinedeck 2.0 Available Now

In March we introduced Cinedeck 2.0 as a public beta. Since then, we’ve received feedback from our users to make Cinedeck 2.0 our most exciting software release ever. 

If you’re a Cinedeck customer with a valid support contract, then you’re eligible for an upgrade today. 

What does it include?

Cinedeck 2.0 is an update to the Cinedeck Ingest Server. With the update you also receive Mac and PC programs (Cinedeck Clients) that work hand in hand with the Cinedeck Server to control one or more Cinedeck Servers and/or ingest instances in AWS (more on that later!)

Cinedeck's Full-featured API


Want to check in Cinedeck created media on your MAM, or maybe you want to use your MAM to control Cinedeck ingest. Whatever your needs, we have a straightforward RESTful API to help you customize your camera to post workflows.

Monitor and Review with Cinedeck Client

multiple viewers

The Cinedeck Client application is a completely separate piece of software from the Cinedeck Server and you can open as many instances needed for monitoring and review. Configure each client session with one or more IP addresses and you have an instant NDI monitor for Mac and PC users.

Control how much access each user has by configuring the User Permissions Panel. For instance, you might want the operator to only have record permission, while a producer may only have view access.

NDI and SRT Support


Cinedeck 2.0 enables support for NDI and SRT inputs. Create edit-ready media for your fastest production to post workflow using that latest in IP technology. 

Cinedeck 2.0 brings Cinedeck Ingest to AWS! Spin up one or more instances of the Cinedeck Ingest Server in AWS and control all your input channels with a single user interface.

With Cinedeck 2.0, you can create Hybrid Multicam Production Workflows enabling you to have:

  • One control interface that can run on premise or in AWS
  • Unified file naming, folder structure and timecode
  • Encode edit-ready formats including Avid-native media
  • Custom XML for easy MAM check-in