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Hybrid Production Workflow

Cinedeck’s 2.0 UI lets you record ingest points both on premise and in AWS cloud using one user interface to control and group the various ingest points. 

Let’s say you have a Cinedeck ZX85 server at your headquarters in New York recording over SDI and you also have live feeds from San Francisco, London and Melbourne recording with NDI cameras pointing to one or more Cinedeck instances in AWS. The Cinedeck 2.0 UI can control all of those channels for grouped record or playback.

Meanwhile, our UI provides real time thumbnails of the various ingest points.  Since you can have as many Cinedeck 2.0 clients running simultaneously with varying levels of access, the Cinedeck 2.0 client can be used to view what’s being recorded all across the world amongst various stakeholders.

Using a single UI means that you can apply a unified file template, naming convention and timecode across all the channels of record at the time of record. There’s no time wasted renaming media, adding critical metadata or moving media.

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