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Capture2Cloud Creates Archivable and Editable Media Without Transcode


Capture2Cloud now also enables SRT streams to be rewrapped to QuickTime MOV or MPTS, while preserving timecode and captions.

As consumer demand for content increases and media companies strive to build resilience in the rapidly evolving broadcast landscape, cloud based technology has provided the media industry with the tools needed to work more flexibly, efficiently, and cost effectively. As media companies work to continually streamline all stages of the broadcast workflow, the ability to record to the cloud is transforming media production for a number of reasons. 

It allows production to be managed remotely with just cameras and an encoder on site, which reduces both logistical complexities and costs, associated with moving large amounts of equipment and people to site. Capturing footage direct to the cloud allows post-production teams to edit content quicker so the whole process is streamlined, making it more cost effective. In general, working in the cloud makes it easier for media businesses to scale up and down as business needs require so media companies can work responsively, flexibly and with agility. 

Cinedeck’s Capture2Cloud is a cloud based ingest system that allows users to access all of the same features that Cinedeck Ingest Servers offer, but entirely in the cloud. 

Capture2Cloud allows users to record ISO streams directly to the codec required for editing and file delivery. Users can also record to a hi-res, high quality format that can be transcoded downstream for streaming deliverables. It has features that will manage the encode, scheduled ingest and playback, from single streams to multiple ISOs.

Challenges with transcoding recorded media

Generally, transcoding recorded media to formats that are ready for editing or archiving, is costly, as well as time consuming. In addition, during the re-encoding process, media can incur generational loss which creates potentially unacceptable quality problems downstream.  

As broadcasters and content owners look to continually improve workflow efficiency in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for content, creating an efficient process for moving media from camera to post-production has become absolutely key.

Rewrap SRT stream to QuickTime MOV with Capture2Cloud 

One way that media companies can streamline workflows from content creation to post-production is by creating edit-ready media at the point of recording. Cinedeck’s Capture2Cloud does exactly this. The solution already converts media from NDI and SRT stream to ProRes, DNxHR, XDCAM, JPEG2000, XAVC & AVC.  

The new release now enables users to rewrap an SRT stream to new file formats: QuickTime MOV or MPTS. It also preserves timecodes and closed captions saving time further down the process.  

At Cinedeck, we continually look for ways to make ingest workflows more efficient so that users can do what they do best, create great content. The ability to rewrap an SRT stream to a QuickTime MOV file gives users significant time and cost savings, without compromising on quality. 

Future Updates 

We constantly review our solutions to look for potential improvements. Our next update to Capture2Cloud will be to expand input sources to include Zixi. The inclusion of Zixi as an input source, alongside NDI and SRT, will give users even more interoperability and flexibility across media workflows.

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