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Welcome to cineXtools

cineXtools offers a brand new editing experience.

  • Make your video edits in minutes instead of re-exporting your entire file again.
  • Review only the new edits instead of wasting time going through the whole file.

Don’t chain yourself to your computer watching another progress bar.

Try cineXtools today!

Who's using cineXtools?

When you need to fix your video

Use cineXplugins to insert just the change you want to make.​


Export your entire file again, even if the change is 5 seconds
Check only the portion of the file you inserted.


Check the whole file again for a bad pixel or export error.
Play your guitar like the rockstar you are knowing you have cineXtools in your back pocket for those last minute video fixes!


Stress out and hope there’s nothing wrong with your video!
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