Cinedeck Receives USPTO Patent for File-based Insert-Edit

For Release August 6th, 2019

For nearly a decade Cinedeck has been creating technologies that revolutionize traditional workflows for media and entertainment professionals. Today we are excited to announce the issuance of a USPTO patent for our Insert-Edit technology, confirming that it is a unique and patentable technology.

At Cinedeck we envision a more efficient video industry and we have created tools that speed up video and post-production processes including cineXtools, a media file and deliverables management application designed to save hours of work and help to accelerate deliverables to meet production and business goals.

“We are pleased to strengthen our IP offering with this USPTO patent for our core Insert-Edit technology,” states Charles Dautremont, CEO of Cinedeck. “We have consistently sought to expand and improve uses of cineXtools in both the U.S. and global film industries by creating workflows that are both inventive and direct. With this patent, our Insert-Edit technology is IP ready for technology partnerships.”

Prior to Cinedeck’s creation of cineXtools’ Insert-Edit, any small adjustment to a file required the editor to reopen the project in editing software to correct the mistake then re-export the entire file, often taking hours or even days. Using File-based Insert-Edit, users can make a revision while avoiding the time-consuming process of re-exporting and re-QCing.

Cinedeck presents Insert-Edit technology in several of its principal offerings. cineXtools enables users to directly edit video, audio and closed captions in the exported flat files as a stand-alone application which can be used interchangeably on either PC or MAC. cineXplugins allow insert-edit directly from Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere in a familiar plugin architecture. Finally, cineX-API is a RESTful API for cineXtools functions allowing for interoperability and integration with any Media Asset Manager.

Cinedeck’s Insert Edit is a game-changing feature, allowing efficiency breakthroughs for post workflows that have never been thought possible. Cinedeck has also added comprehensive finishing tools to the IP, including workflows for Closed Captioning, Audio Versioning, VFX Pulls and Metadata Editing, further simplifying file delivery processes. We are proud of our new patent and look forward to sharing our current and future technologies.

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