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IBC 2018

Join us at IBC 2018!

We’re excited to be debuting two brand new products at this year’s IBC! Schedule a meeting and be the first to see demos of our brand new range of Insert-Edit products.

cineX-Plugin for Insert Edit

Insert-edit video, audio and closed captions directly from Avid Media Composer and Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC.  Instead of exporting the fixes to use with a separate application, as done with cineXtools, you can now use your favorite NLE’s export function to insert-edit the fixes directly to an already-exported file.

cineX-Plugins is can be purchased on a per codec basis for $49/mo per codec, with additional codecs added to your plan for $19/mo. The plugin supports all current codecs currently supported for cineXtools including ProRes, XAVC, AVC, XDCAM/IMX and DNxHD/HR in a variety of wrappers.

cineX-API Access

Access cineX-API’s automation through the standard user interface, create and save templates to be used in the ‘API Access’ tab.

API Access lets you push jobs to batch process a group of files for video or audio insert-edit, closed captions updates and inserts, audio versioning, trim and extend and AS11 metadata updates.

As a watchfolder-based workflow creator, cineX-API can also be daisy-chained with other watch folder-based tools so that multiple transformations can occur to the same asset in a much faster than real-time process.