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Shapeshifter Post has delivered thousands of hours of programming to just about every Studio, Network, Cable and Streaming Channel. Because they were an early adopter of cineXinsert, we wanted to catch up with Chief Engineer Greg Filkins Sr., Media Specialist, Paul Garcia, and owner, Russo Anastasio, to see how they have integrated insert-edit into their Adobe Premiere post/finishing workflow.

“cineXinsert is a great tool to use on Indie Features and Documentaries because there are always last minute QC fixes or credit changes.” commented Russo. “In the old days, a fix could be inserted into a QC’d Master tape with absolute confidence. With file-based delivery as the new norm, the ability to overwrite a fix to a file is a godsend. With cineXinsert, we have a tool that makes file delivery as robust and reliable as mastering to videotape!”

Adding to Russo’s comments, Paul Garcia discussed a recent feature film where cineXtools was integral. “The film decided to change the title after we had finished the project. Using cineXinsert, it only took us 10-minutes to swap out the title and credit versus tying up a system to make the changes, re-exporting the entire file and then performing another full QC.”

Shapeshifter’s Chief Engineer, Greg Filkins, commented on some drawbacks of the export workflow. “Re-exporting often leads to more QC issues by introducing anomalies during the export process like jittery-frames. That’s exactly what happened on the Nick Spark’s film ‘Right Footed’. We discovered that a few frames had been corrupted due to a bad export. To fix this, all we did was export a patch from a previous version and used cineXtools to overwrite the jittery-frames.” Greg adds, “Without cineXinsert, we would have had to re-export the entire feature length film, then QC it all over again – all without a guarantee that there wouldn’t be an issue elsewhere in the file.”

Greg also notes, “The basic function of insert edit is very easy. There’s almost no learning curve to start using it right away.”

Shapeshifter Post has used cineXtools to deliver projects like “Right Footed”, “Dance Moms”, “City 40” & “Stalked by My Mother”.

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Shapeshifter Post offers on-line finishing and creative editorial services from its two facilities in Los Angeles and Burbank. They provide custom tailored, customer-centric solutions in a relaxed boutique environment.

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