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Interview | ITN Productions

Head of Post Production, Olly Strous, discusses how cineXtools has improved ITN Production’s delivery workflow.
“cineXtools has completely revolutionized the way we work and we wouldn’t be able to operate as efficiently if we didn’t have it. We had 17 productions delivering before Christmas; without cineXtools, we would not have made transmission.”

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I’m Olly Strous, I’m the head of post production for ITN Productions. We are an independent production company, with a post facility with 60 edit suites. We make content for all the mainstream television broadcasters. We also make content for Netflix, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Discovery, Nat Geo (National Geographic) – anything that has moving pictures, pretty much, we’ll make it.

The biggest benefit of having cineXtools has really been time saving. Being able to drop in to a file has changed completely the way that we work. Historically, we would have gone back and re-made the whole file, and started the whole process again. Now, we drop in to the file, we re-QC the drop-ins, and that’s it; it goes on its way. We have a lot of projects that generally deliver before the end of the year. Last year, we had 17 programs delivering before Christmas. We would not have made transmission without cineXtools.

We’re delivering to a number of different clients, and all of them take different file formats. So, Discovery are DNx 120, BBC on AS11; and the fact that cineX can drop in to all of these different file formats, that’s made a real difference, being able to drop in to any file type for any deliverable. It’s also got a fantastic re-stripe feature. So if a deliverable comes to us and it’s got the wrong timecode, very quickly we can re-stripe the timecode using cineX. We also use it for changing the metadata in AS11 files.

At the Media Production Show I was on a panel talking about the future of technology, and one of the questions was, “which product has changed our lives this year?” And the only product that sprung to mind was cineXtools. It has completely revolutionized the way that we work, and we wouldn’t be able to operate as efficiently if we didn’t have it.