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ZX45 8-CH Mode

From Reality to Music and Drama, more and more multi-cam shows are being finished in post but the ever-increasing numbers of record channels and the need for fast workflows makes timely show deliveries a challenge.

Cinedeck’s four-channel ZX45 has long had the capability to do eight simultaneous records of DNxHD, ProRes, etc., double the number of record channels while effectively cutting the per-channel cost in half. For some however, ZX45’s Eight Channel master only recording (no proxy) was a restriction. With the latest ZX45 update, H.264 proxy recordings, exploiting a broad selection of preset as well as custom profiles, can now accompany ZX45’s Eight Channel mode.

Customer Use Cases:

Eight Channel Master & Proxy recording has already been implemented by New York based All Mobile Video (AMV) in their HD production trucks and multi-cam recording and post-production workflow specialists FNTech Canada. National broadcaster BET (Black Entertainment Network) are currently rolling out their updated ZX45 systems.

All Mobile Video specializes in live and pre-recorded multi-cam entertainment events, often utilizing upwards of 20 cameras. For their customers it makes a dramatic difference to the bottom line when the per-channel record cost can be cut in half but customers often required an accompanying proxy recording which was not possible until now.

For Big Brother Canada, which utilizes over 100 cameras, a massive amount of recorded content is generated every day. The sheer quantity of dada necessitates working with proxy files. FNTech manages simultaneous master & proxy recordings on their ZX recorders through their Workflow Suite, enabling a streamlined process from production to post with perfect match-back.

With the addition of their ZX recorders, BET has been taking more direct control of their location production for shows like BET Awards, Black Girls Rock! and BET Honors but as with many live events, there are never enough record channels. BET started using Eight Channel mode almost immediately to manage their recording needs but not having proxy recordings was making the workflow more challenging than it needed to be. This new release will streamline the path from production on location to finished deliverable shows.