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How can content producers make sure their operations are durable?


Events of the past few years have taught broadcast and media companies that flexible and agile working is an absolute necessity for business success and longevity in the broadcast industry. Media companies need to be able to respond and adapt quickly to different situations in a rapidly evolving industry. So what can content production companies do to make sure they have what it takes for longevity in the industry?

Be in a position to be flexible and agile 

Being in a position to respond flexibly and with agility to projects, tasks and circumstances gives media companies and content producers real staying power. Hardware based ingest servers don’t allow for flexibility in how content is ingested. One thing that broadcasters can do to make their operation more flexible is to move to cloud-based working for at least some elements of the production workflow.

Consider ingesting in the cloud

There are numerous advantages to moving parts of the production workflow, such as ingest, to the cloud. It allows for more collaborative, efficient workflows and more flexibility and control over how workflows are managed. It can also bring cost saving in that if ingest can be managed remotely, broadcasters and content producers no longer have to invest in costly hardware. Managing ingest systems in the cloud also makes it easier to adapt workflows and integrate with other tools as and when needed.

In addition, managing ingest in the cloud makes it easier for media companies to scale up and down as a job requires as well as adapting workflows and integrating with other tools as and when needed.

In response to this industry need for greater flexibility over managing elements of broadcast production remotely, Cinedeck offers CD2, a software only version of its ingest server. CD2 shares the same rich features as the full range of Cinedeck Ingest Servers but as a pure software solution. It makes it quick and easy for broadcasters and content producers to ingest raw footage remotely ready for editing and distribution. The solution also offers a fully customizable RESTful API making it simple to integrate with other parts of the production and post-production workflow.

The solution recently won the prestigious TV Technology Best of Show 2022 award at NAB after a rigorous judging process which evaluated value for money, feature set, ease of use and general merits of what it can offer users. As a winner of the Best of Show 2022 Award, the judges have hailed CD2 as being ‘truly outstanding’.

The ability to work flexibly and respond quickly to changing needs is a huge advantage to companies in the media industry. Using a cloud ingest tool like CD2 gives content production companies the operational flexibility they need for longevity.

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