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Five Benefits of Cloud-based Ingest


There has been an uptake of cloud-based production services and tools in the last two years. Production companies and broadcasters explored the technology to mitigate problems around content ingestion caused by travel and social distancing restrictions. However, many are choosing to adopt remote ingest into infrastructures for the long term. Here are the 5 main benefits of cloud-based ingest that our customers are experiencing: 

  1. A reduction in hardware costs

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud-based content ingestion is its cost saving. The ingest of content into the cloud requires very little hardware; productions can deliver content just using the existing network of cameras and an encoder box. Hardware is well-known to be an expensive component of production and a direct-to-cloud system drastically improves cost efficiencies. Capture2Cloud can input both NDI and SRT feeds directly to the cloud. 

  1. A dynamic and scalable solution

Often, the limiting aspect of scalability is the need to scale up hardware to cope with new requirements. By working in the Cloud, storage and processing capabilities can be set up quickly and easily, enabling productions to cope with any last-minute changes to schedules. Additionally, it ensures that media companies are only paying for what they need, reducing ongoing costs. 

  1. Intelligent processing

Moving content ingestion to the cloud should not reduce the number of intelligent features available to users. Processing the content at ingest is the only way to maximize the return on investment of media content. Media productions manage an enormous number of files holding lots of data. A disorganized approach could see teams losing track of the content available to them. A sophisticated file-naming convention paired with the utilization of metadata ensures that content is organized when uploaded to the central production network. Additionally, live ingest can deliver matching timecodes and synced audio, removing a common pain-point within the editing process. 

  1. Proxies

When post-production is managed within the cloud, it is important to ensure that the content remains accessible for users across the world to process it. When feeds are delivered to the cloud using Capture2Cloud, both high-resolution and proxy versions are saved to enable quick and easy access to content, permitting the editing process to start as quickly as required. 

  1. Sophisticated workflows to promote remote working

Remote working requires sophisticated workflows to ensure that productions run as efficiently as possible. The features found in our Capture2Cloud solution means that your content can slot into your workflows seamlessly. Many organizations are continuing to offer remote working to employees, and therefore maintaining an efficient system is crucial when honing remote production networks.

For years, our customers have seen the benefits of content ingest management; our solutions provide many features to enable the efficient use of data. Users wishing to move content ingest to the cloud do not have to compromise on the features available them; Capture2Cloud provides users with the same features as those offered for the hardware alternative. Cloud-based ingest does not mean compromise.

To learn more, watch Jane Sung, Cinedeck’s COO, discuss cloud ingest in this recent webinar.