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Cinedeck Brings Home NAB Best of Show, 12 Years After First NAB Award


Just over two years ago, the COVID-19 Pandemic took hold of the world. Since then, so much has changed in the way we interact, work, and spend our day to day lives. With 2022 came a bit of relief. As infection rates decreased, semblances of normal life have started to appear. For those of us in production and post-production, a monumental signal that things are indeed getting better came in the form of the biggest event our industry has: NAB Show! The best part? It was in person and in Las Vegas! Going into the weekend, the Cinedeck team couldn’t have possibly known what was ahead. But 2022 NAB Show will always be one that the team remembers, because Cinedeck brought home the TV Technology Best of Show Award for the CD2 Software Ingest.

NAB Memories 12 Years Apart

While the special-ness of winning an award at NAB will never be something the Cinedeck team gets accustomed to, the sensation isn’t completely foreign either. Way back in 2010, Cinedeck won two awards at NAB, the “2010 TV Technology STAR Award” and the “2010 Vidy Award” for the, at the time, newly introduced camera-mountable, cinema quality recording, monitoring and playback device. Those victories were especially exciting, given it was Cinedeck’s first year at NAB.

A History of Challenges Inspiring Innovation

With Cinedeck being founded just the year before, winning these awards in 2010 was a monumental feat and turned out to be absolutely vital to the company’s success. Back then, the industry had a big problem. Legacy cameras were typically paired with low quality, onboard tape recorders. This mismatch led to equipment being overloaded and costing rental houses, cinematographers, and other camera legacy camera owners and operators so much money maintaining or replacing equipment. With the Cinedeck came major investment protection, enabling many legacy cameras with high quality sensors to bypass their low quality on board tape recorders. Fast forward to present day, the pandemic offered a completely different new set of challenges in a completely different era. The world has gone completely digital since 2010, and with the pandemic, remote work has become the norm. The same world that needed Cinedeck in 2010, needed a similar problem solver, in the form of a software. CD2 Ingest did just that as a windows based ingest application that provides all the features and benefits of Cinedeck hardware platforms, but as a software only product. Just like the original Cinedeck in 2010, CD2 was created to solve a problem of that exact moment in time.

12 Years Later and Just as Sweet

Winning this award, 12 years after Cinedeck’s first time at NAB, was a momentous occurrence for the company. After a couple of really challenging years, coming together as an industry and having this new technology earn this recognition couldn’t have come at a better time. In the words of CTO Charles Dautremont, “It’s truly an honor to win the TV Technology Best of Show award for CD2 software ingest. We are both thrilled and humbled by the honor. We won Best New Product in 2010 and we’ve come full circle to win Best of Show in 2022.”

These NAB Awards spanning 12 years are a testament to Cinedeck’s dedication to innovation. Made up of a team of experienced and technically-savvy experts, the Cinedeck team will continue to bring industry-changing hardware and software products to improve the workflows of production and post-production professionals worldwide.