h.264 beta program

Sign up for the H.264 Beta Program to get a free 3 month license of H.264 insert for cineXtools and cineXplugins. Once you’ve redeemed your license, download the beta software for both cineXtools and cineXplugins.

Note: You will only be able to open and insert-edit to H.264 files with your beta program license. If you aren’t a paid subscriber you can get access to the rest of cineX here with a free 7-day trial license.

Download the Beta Software

The H.264 beta license only works with the beta software. If you have downloaded the full release build from the “Latest Software” page, then you will see a “No License Available” error when trying to open the cineXtools, cineXplugins, cineXmeta or cineXtranscoder. 


Insert edit to H.264 files with cineXtools standalone application.


Edit metadata for H.264 for MP4 and MOV.



Insert Edit to H.264 files from Premiere or Media Composer.



Insert Edit to H.264 files from Premiere or Media Composer.


Create insertable H.264 files using a watchfolder based utility.


About H.264 Insert Edit

H.264 Insert Edit requires a cineX created H.264 file. 

Read about the H.264 Beta Release here.

You can create an insertable H.264 file through:

  • Using cineXplugins to export an insertable H.264 from Media Composer or Premiere. The plugin to export is free and does not require a license. If you want to insert-edit using the plugin, you will need a paid license.
  • Using cineXtranscoder to create an insertable H.264. cineXtranscoder is a free watch folder based application that transcodes any file to an insertable H.264. You can review how to install and use it here.
  • Using cineXtools to transcode a non-supported H.264 file. A message will pop up saying your file cannot be inserted to and ask whether you want to transcode your file for insert-edit. (version 1.997 and beyond)

H.264 Remote Insert is supported. Please review Quick Start guides.

Collaborate with clients and coworkers by just sending the patch to update their local viewing copy.