Video Tutorial

Overview Video

This is an overview video demo of cineXtools that will run about 20min. If you prefer to skip around, please see below:

  • 02:30: Video Insert Edit demo
  • 04:00: Supported Codecs, Wrappers, and Resolutions
  • 04:30: cineXplugins demo in Avid MC
  • 07:50: AS11 metadata edits
  • 09:10: MOV metadata editor
  • 10:45: CC Editor
  • 13:35: Audio Versioning   
  • 15:15: Trim Extend and Ripple
  • 17:10: cineX API and real-life use case scenario
  • 18:45: Cinedeck HW as deck replacement – SDI to file
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Insert Edit
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cineXtools is resolution independent, so overwriting changes to 4K/UHD ProRes or DNxHR or XAVC files is not a problem.

audio insert
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Learn how to do partial or full wav insert with cineXtools or cineXplugins.

multiclip insert
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Insert multiple video or audio fixes with a simple drag, drop and insert. 

closed captions
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Learn how to do partial or full wav insert with cineXtools or cineXplugins.

as11 metadata editor
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Learn how to use the AS11-DPP Metadata editing option for cineXtools.

ripple -Trim-extend
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  • Add or Remove Blacks
  • Cut and Paste Insert Edit (per data track)
  • Ripple Edit: move frames up or down the timeline if the new insert piece is longer than the original

Note: this video does not have audio.

audio versioning
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  • Add, Delete or Reorganize Tracks
  • Change Track Layout
  • Tag and Name Tracks
metadata editor
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QT Pro replacement. Edit Quicktime and MXF formats.

Rewrap Utility
Adobe premiere plugin
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Learn how to install and use cineXplugins with Premiere Pro.

avid mc plugin
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rewrap utility
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Install and use the ProRes PAD Rewrap Utility

About Us

We are outside-the-box thinkers creating workflows that are both inventive and direct.  Whether it’s encoding edit-ready formats for the fastest camera to post workflow or helping to get your files to the delivery finish line with our now patented insert-edit technology, we’re dedicated to creating tools that enable your most efficient workflows.

cinecast podcast

CINECAST is a Cinedeck podcast where we chat with outside-the-box thinkers that are changing the video industry.


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