Audio Versioning

  • Add, Delete or Reorganize Tracks
  • Change Track Layout
  • Tag and Name Tracks

Ripple Edit -

Trim & Extend

  • Add or Remove Blacks
  • Cut and Paste Insert Edit (per data track)
  • Ripple Edit

Metadata Editor
QT Pro replacement

How to install and a use cineXplugins with Media Composer

Step by Step How To Guide
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Audio Insert with cineXtools and cineXplugins
Learn how to do partial or full wav insert with cineXtools or cineXplugins.
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UK DPP AS11 Metadata Editor
Learn how to use the AS11-DPP Metadata editing option for cineXtools.
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Install and use the ProRes PAD Rewrap Utility

Download the ProRes PAD rewrap utility here.

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How to install and use cineXplugins with Premiere Pro

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cineXtools Closed Captions Module Tutorial

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Multi-clip Insert

Insert multiple fixes with a simple drag, drop and insert. 

Insert Edit to 4K/UHD Pro Res or DNxHR files.

cineXinsert is resolution independent, so overwriting changes to 4K/UHD Pro Res or DNxHR files is not a problem.