cinedeck - What is it


Cinedeck is your fastest gateway from production to post. Our tapeless, direct-to-disk, video recording and ingest products are extremely capable, versatile and upgradeable. Build the workflow you want around Cinedeck, and you will have the most streamlined and efficient file-based pipeline possible.

Compatible with SD-SDI, HD-SDI, Dual Link, 3G & 4K cameras/sources, Cinedecks record the widest choice of native formats for multi-cam, 4K, UHDTV-1, 2K, HD and SD productions.

For post and deliverables, they encode to the world’s most popular camera, editing and playback codecs including AVC-Intra, DNxHD, ProRes, XDCAM HD, and H.264.

Cinedeck RX3G: The dual-channel Cinedeck RX3G delivers cost-efficiency, yet comes packed with unrivalled features. With RX3Gs in the workflow, Live, Mobile OB and Production Facilities can work with greater productivity than ever before. Two RX3G units can fit into a standard, 4U horizontal rack-mount.

Cinedeck MX: The four-channel Cinedeck MX delivers extreme workflow performance. More 4K functionality, a huge selection of proxy formats, high-bandwidth network capabilities, plus a built-in jog/shuttle control, make the MX a compelling alternative to expensive VTRs and other file-based solutions. Now there’s no need to compromise on the functionality and quality you need in production, post and archival operations.

Cinedeck ZX: With customizable hardware and software packages, the server class Cinedeck ZX offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for your ingest, playback, and transcoding needs. The ZX comes in a 2ch or 4 ch version, and users purchase only the tools needed for their specific workflow. The new 64bit software architecture across the Cinedeck lineup allows for even more multi-tasking functionality. And as with every Cinedeck, each unit comes standard with analysis tools like waveform and vectorscope, audio monitor meters, and much more. Also standard on ZX, is your choice of wrapper with all the codecs supported in that particular wrapper - enabling you to kick-start the customization of your unit to one that precisely suits your workflow needs.