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Press Release: “Insert Edit Directly from your Media Composer or Premiere”

New York, NY, September 14, 2018 – Following the success of the standalone insert edit application, cineXtools, newly released cineX-Plugins makes using insert-edit in your daily file-delivery workflow even easier. Insert edit allows you to overwrite data at the essence level to a file that’s already been exported. This means you can focus on the intended changes and corrections for your file instead of a labor-intensive re-render and re-QC of a re-exported or re-transcoded file. Insert-edits only change what you need to change, so you can be confident that the overall integrity of your files is maintained.

cineXtools has released plugins that allow insert-edit of video and audio directly from Avid Media Composer and Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC.  Instead of exporting the fixes to use with a separate application, as done traditionally with cineXtools, you can now use your favorite NLE’s export function to insert-edit the fixes directly to an already-exported file.

“Users who work every day  with Avid|Media Composer will immediately feel the benefit of Cinextools operating as a fully integrated plugin,”  remarks Ed Gray, Director, Partnering Programs for Avid.  “We all appreciate the continued innovation and user focus shown by our partners at Cinedeck.”

Like cineXtools, insert-edits using cineX-Plugins can be performed on files exported from anywhere, creating unprecedented interoperability between NLEs, while using compressed codecs like ProRes or DNx. If VFX is done on one NLE, while online and color are done on a differing NLE, using insert-edit to replace a VFX sequence, fix an audio pop on a specific audio track or replace a slate for a spelling issue can all be done without re-exporting. The final technical edit before delivery can accommodate all these changes with a simple insert-edit instead of a render down and re-export.

cineX-Plugins is can be purchased on a per codec basis for $39/mo per codec. The plugin supports all current codecs currently supported for cineXtools including ProRes,  XAVC, AVC, XDCAM/IMX and DNxHD/HR in a variety of wrappers.


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