Retro Workflow For New Technologies with John Harris of Cinedeck

Cameron Cooper PODCASTS

Trends have a tendency to be cyclical. That helps explain the recent interest in everything “retro.” In the Pro AV world, “legacy procedures” don’t typically have the same romantic image. Cinedeck is bringing a classic, common-sense workflow approach back to the forefront. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with the Director of Business Development for Cinedeck, John Harris. They discussed the reason some procedures were so functional in the first iteration, how scalability is critical for new clients (of all sizes), and how CineDeck is constantly trying to improve their approaches and products to challenge the “that’s just the way it’s done” mindset.

“We can’t avoid the first render, we have to create that file, there’s no doubt,” Harris said. “But, what we have to consider in all our workflows: when are we ever repeating the same task again?”