Cinedeck NAB Webinar

We missed you at NAB, but we're still releasing some fantastic new features.

Missed the webinar? Check it out here.

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Congratulation to Chase Baker, Marion Sistena and Chet Amiwala for being the winners for cineXtools – Everything one year license.

Live Demos


New standalone cineXmeta for Mac and PC lets you instantly change and update metadata for MOV, MXF and AS11-DPP files. Join the webinar for your "Free 'til IBC" coupon code to start using the app today.

cineXtools Remote Insert

Join us for a live demo of Remote Insert. Remote Insert gives the editor the option to create an agent that automatically inserts changes to a client copy, on their own system, mirroring the editor’s local changes.

New Developments

H.264 support for cine X

cineXtools and cineXplugins will be showing insert edit for H.264 files. Insert edit your changes instead of creating a new file for every review change.


3G to 12G ZX Upgrade

Cinedeck is extending the dates for eligible upgrades so that customers upgrades are available for ZX20 users as well. Cinedeck owners can take advantage of the 12G I/O architecture releasing for IBC with the extended upgrade program.