Why choose Cinedeck?

Using Cinedeck in your file creation process means that you can watch the file that you’re laying off to. This is possible due to Cinedeck’s insert edit technology which is being shown in SDI to file with Cinedeck ingest solutions. Cinedeck also offers file to file insert edit with cineXtools and timeline to file insert-edit with cineXplugins.

Cinedeck ingest servers support a huge range of codecs, wrappers, colorspace and resolutions.

Ingest directly to your shared storage so that your files are available immediately. And build in redundancy to your workflow by ingesting a separate set of files simultaneously.

Cinedeck’s flexibility means that we also support various metadata requirements.

Record multiple resolutions and/or codecs to the same system so that one pass of ingest is all you need to create all file types.

Cinedeck supports various record styles that give you the needed flexibility to tackle any job.

All Cinedecks are capable of Avid Media Central Check-in and Edit While Capture. Depending on your system, you can have up to 8 channels for capture directly to your Media Central environment. Or, simply check-in media that was created on Cinedeck whether you are doing edit while capture, or not.

While Interplay Multi-Res is also supported, Cinedeck recorders can encode H.264 files in a Interplay-friendly MXF OpAtom wrapper.

Tip 1: Use the blacked file workflow in your Avid Media Central environment so you can:

(a) Since blacked files are already complete files, a network failure won’t compromise your recordings.

(b) View growing files from any player or NLE capable of reading Avid-native opAtom files and have multiple users play/scrub and give multiple users access to the files for play/scrub. the files as new content is overwritten.

Post Production User Stories

Since 2015 Cinedeck has been integral to the delivery of every episode for NBC’s hit show “the Voice” – nearly 100 episodes and counting! The editorial team count on Cinedeck’s Insert-Edit capability to deliver shows on time and on budget week after week.

With two 2-hour episodes to deliver each week, the post-production team faces an enormous time crunch that Cinedeck now helps to solve. Prior to Cinedeck, the Voice was using SRWs and tape that needed to be shuttled from editorial, audio, and finishing. With Cinedeck, they’ve been able to eliminate media costs associated with tape as well as dramatically cut down on the number of times media needs to be re-encoded and re-QC’d.

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